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At Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, we specialize in crafting luxury travel experiences tailored to you. Based in Pennsylvania, home of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Phillies, our full-service travel agency and experienced travel advisors transform your travel dreams into reality. From Caribbean cruises to European vacation packages, to travel adventures “down under,” we leverage our network of travel partners and preferred suppliers to ensure uncompromising luxury. Our relationships mean you also have insider access to exclusive experiences. Let us open the door to your next travel adventure, where luxury travel is personalized.

GOT Cast

Following The Footsteps Of GOT Cast

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? What is there not to love? Dragons, wars, romance, drama, hot chicks, it has got everything. The most popular show after F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones is a bouquet of everything sweet and sweaty there ever is. When people say GOT

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American Tourist In Europe

Spot An American Tourist In Europe

How To Spot An American Tourist In Europe? Americans like to travel, with the tight work schedules and more insane work hours per week ratio, no one is to blame. If someone is putting 43 hours a week shift, then, an occasional vacation is only valid.

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Safety Tips For Tourists In Thailand

Safety Tips For Tourists In Thailand

Tourist gurus say Thailand is new France. The craze-party tourist destination is welcoming a more significant number of tourists every year. Famous for adult tourism, Thailand was considered the safest place to travel until, August 2016. On 11th and 12th August when multiple bombing incidents occurred

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couple trips

Couple Trips Should Take Before Marriage

Couple Trips You Should Take Before Tying A Knot A tourist destination for couples and single people are very different. Where singles may want to enjoy all the glittery world of partying and beach dances, couples usually like to have a quiet time at places with

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Jerusalem The Sacred City

Jerusalem is one of the most sacred cities in this world. The city of David is now at peace, keeping its bloody past in mind. More than 100 battles have been fought throughout the history in attempts to conquer the city. The city is now the

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Road Trip Ideas

6 Ultimate Road Trip Ideas in the US

Everyone loves a good road trip. Whether you are looking for a secluded destination where you will be able to get away from it all or you are after a cool place full of with family-friendly activities, there is no shortage of excellent road trip ideas

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Weirdest Festivals From Europe

Four Weirdest Festivals From Europe

The world sometimes thinks Europe is some mythical utopia, where people do the craziest things and get away with them. Even the European festivals are as crazy and lively as the whole continent itself is. They love to do strange things. So, here is a list

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Places For Honeymoon

2018 Most Romantic Places For Honeymoon

The year is still young and is already looking more beautiful than the previous year for travelers and tourists. The world is somewhat stepping towards a happier zone, and the weather is also complimenting. So, for newly wedded lovebirds we have a list of the most

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Holiday Getaway (1)

What To Do When You Miss A Flight?

What to do when you miss a flight? This day comes to every travel enthusiast’s life when s/he misses a flight. The situation is terrible, you are hurt, you are upset, and you are angry at yourself, but nothing will come out of beating yourself. No

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Pack Smart For A Cruise

How To Pack Smart For A Cruise

Cruises are a new way of saying that you are a millionaire. As now there is an insane number of companies that are willing to take you on a water trip, all you got to do is packing. However, this “packing” is easier said than done.

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Street Food In Asia

The Best Street Food In Asia

It will be a lie if someone says most people don’t travel for food, from one continent to another. Yes, the attractions, culture and other factors play vital roles too but food has to be on the top of them all. The food industry is at

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Land of Mysteries: Egypt

If you are one of the many travelers who travel the world in search of adventure and mystery, Egypt has to be your next destination. Egypt has seen a little dip in their tourism in past few years but things looking up again. And rightly so,

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Festivals Around The World

Crazy Festivals Around The World

Festivals mean only one thing happiness. The festivals are something everyone looks forward to and as important a part as religion to some cultures and the travelers too. Majority of the travels like to explore festivals of different countries. Festivals are good chances of meeting people

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Jamaica The Island Of Beauty

Jamaica used to be the most favorite holiday destination for many millennial until the turn of this century. From early 2000’s the name of Jamaica in the skies of tourism faded somewhat. Nonetheless, the experts are confident that mysterious Jamaica will turn around this tourism drought.

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Places in Dallas

Four Places in Dallas To Visit

The name Dallas doesn’t sound very touristy and somewhat doesn’t ring any vacation bell for many. But, in the words of Phil Knight, “Perception can be changed.” Dallas, Texas, is a vibrant and exciting destination that offers something for everyone. From its world-class museums and cultural

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Things to Do in Vienna

6 Things to Do in Vienna

The capital city of Austria, Vienna is well-known for its imperial palaces, museums, contemporary buildings, and other historical landmarks. The good news is that a number of agencies offer European vacation packages that include a visit to this artistic city. Whether you are looking for a

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Things to do in Japan

Nine Things to do in Japan

Olympics of 2020 is all set to take place in Japan. Therefore, the government is spending big bucks to improve the country. Note: due to the pandemic, the Olympics in Japan got postponed to 2021.  Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot visit the country now. There

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What Not To Do When In Dubai

Dubai is the new favorite of western and the eastern tourists and no one is surprised. Ever since the Mideast has become the oil hub of the world, development charts are skyrocketing there. Constant development has seen people coming and going there, week in week out.

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Gems of Traveling

Hidden Gems of Traveling

Traveling in the recent times has been shrunk into a few areas, and most of them fall into Europe. Many people visit Paris or London twice and start calling themselves explorers, this is not exploring. Exploring is something when you push your boundaries and travel the

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Traveling Hawaii

Traveling Hawaii on a Strict Budget

With the word Hawaii, beautiful women wearing flower jewelry, doing the hula comes to mind. The white sand beaches, the beautiful green lands and vacationers everywhere, ‘this is life’ one will think. Just like every great thing, this piece of magic also comes at a price.

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The Road Less Taken: Antarctica

When was the last time you heard someone saying I am going to Antarctica this week? This is not a very usual phrase, is it? And this is because people aren’t aware of the fact that you can have so much fun at Antarctica. Antarctica is

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best Italian restaurants in Chicago

Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago

Did you know that Chicago is home to one of the largest Italian populations in the United States? Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Windy City is packed with hundreds of authentic Italian restaurants where you can enjoy their excellent cuisine. From meatballs and

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visit england

Why Visit England at least once

Wondering where to head to for vacations this year? Well! Visit England to thank us later! From the quaint villages to the modernized pubs, England is full of liveliness and character. A tourist destination for the nature lovers, society lovers, children and the oldies alike; England

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Vacations in New York

Vacations in New York on Budget

They say that New York is a bit expensive place to travel! Well! Owing to the beauty that it withholds and the experiences that the tourists encounter, New York City deserves that amount of money. But we have the way outs for you to have your

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culture rich countries of Europe

Europe Culture and Art: Which is the Best Country?

The whole world looks forward to the art and culture-laden Europe! This continent is a perfect tourist destination, having an amalgamation of scenic beauty and adventure for all. Also, the history, art, and culture have been preserved in Europe for ages, and they continue to attract

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Copenhagen Attractions

The Favorite Copenhagen Attractions

“If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarreling filled with imagination and with an appetite for the new and with respect for the old – somebody who takes good

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Boston for the Nature Lovers

When the ice melts to unfold what it had hidden since long, the beauty of the spring season in Boston is revealed! All those who want to have relaxing spring or summer vacations; Boston is the place for you. The love of the locals for nature

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Buenos Aries

Unfurling the Grandiose Buenos Aries, Argentina

So you are ready to do the Tango in Buenos Aries, right? The exotic dance form was gifted to the world by Argentina, so if you didn’t know that already, well, you do now. Buenos Aries is the most visited city, not only of Argentina but

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Checklist For Brazil

Traveling Checklist For Brazil

So the white sanded minion managed to lure you too on its excellent land then? Great! The tickets must be ready; the hotel bookings are not a problem, and all there’s left is packing. Brazil may give an impression that it is just about white sand

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Cafes To Visit in Oslo

Best Cafes To Visit in Oslo

Norway is definitely a coffee-loving country and people from Oslo have a high standard when it comes to this tasty drink. Did you know that 70% of Norwegians drink coffee every day? Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Oslo is home to hundreds of cafes

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Tourist Destinations To Travel

Tourist Destinations To Travel in 2018

Every traveler has something different in its DNA. They live to travel, for the joy of exploring new lands, for the excitement of chatting with a stranger near the bonfire and for the inexpressible feeling. While 2017 seen an extensive rise in the tourism business, 2018

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Decoding the Beauty known as Istanbul

Turkey has been uprising as a fantastic tourist spot for quite a while now. This beautiful city is becoming the first choice for the tourists who want to escape the hustle-bustle of Europe. Hiring any cruise travel agency and floating around Istanbul is the idea of

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Europe travel guide

Europe travel guide for female travelers

Solo female travelers are still somewhat a taboo. The scenario is changing but very slowly. There are many concerns for an unaccompanied female traveler, and the most significant is personal safety. Due to the lack of safety arrangements most of the female travelers, travel in groups.

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Traveling Europe For The First Time

Traveling Europe For The First Time

So your foremost dream of touring Europe is finally going to come true, but are you fully prepared for it? You have spent many hours with our friends chewing your ears off by their fancy European tales. However, now that you know all the options have

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Affordable Europe

Smart Ways To Affordable Europe Travels

Whenever in a conversation, traveling to Europe comes up; reference of the movie Euro trip comes up too. Although it was very unusual for four kids to travel Europe at that time, because of the higher exchange rates. It looks like an achievable target now. Euro

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Date Ideas in New York City

Best Date Ideas in New York City

If you wish to impress that special someone, there is no better place for a romantic weekend getaway than New York City. Whether you are after candle-lit restaurants that create a perfect setting for a romantic date or secluded spots that offer spectacular views of the

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Visit in Europe

Beer Hubs To Visit in Europe

In general, everyone loves Europe, but there is a special bond between Beer people and Europe and understandably so, too. Europe has some of the most amazing places for a beer enthusiast, Munich, Amsterdam to name a few. Germany and Holland both don’t only brew beer,

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Water sports in Dallas

Water Sports in Dallas – A perfect Vacation!

The World around disappears when the water comes to sight! Dallas may not be an island nation or near to any luscious mountain range. Still, the aqua-love is in the hearts of natives is evident at this place. Sometimes good aquatic vibes is all you need

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History in Europe

Handpicking the History in Europe

The European Union (EU) is a mine of history, the Porto, the Athens, The Verona; the continent is a history hub. If and when you are traveling in Europe, along with the typical cities don’t forget to visit the ones with historical significance. You will be

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Gelato in Rome

Best Places for Gelato in Rome

Did you know that there was only one gelateria in Rome in the 1930s? Today, the capital of Italy is home to hundreds of gelaterias ranging from small parlors to big-chain gelaterias. Gelato is an Italian version of ice cream and it translates to “frozen”. It’s

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Art of Boston

An Art Lover’s Guide to the Art of Boston

Boston and its art have grown together! The capital of Massachusetts, Boston, is famous for the art and culture that it preserves. It is home to beautiful contemporary art scenes, long-established museums, and lovely art galleries. The people of Boston have this love for art that

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Seaside Escapes in Europe

The Greatest Seaside Escapes in Europe

To some, it’s just water. And to others, it’s where they regain their sanity! Europe is known majorly for the cultural diversity and art that it holds, but even the wilderness of its waves is not unknown. Europe is blessed with beautiful islands and beaches and

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US Cities to Visit

Top US Cities to Visit in 2018

There is definitely no shortage of great cities in the United States. Whether you are after a place packed with cultural attractions or you wish to spend your holidays in a city that boasts dozens of picturesque beaches, there is plenty to choose from. To help

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Travel Europe on Budget

How to Travel Europe on Budget

This grand affair to move makes you rich in life! Traveling in itself is quite empowering and going to Europe is the best thing that you can gift oneself. The Europe trip is on the bucket list of almost everyone – from the young couples to

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Coffee in Stockholm

Best Coffee in Stockholm

Did you know that Sweden is one of the top 5 coffee-consuming destinations in the world? Therefore, it’s no wonder that the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is home to a number of cafes, espresso, bars, coffee shops, and baristas. Whether you are after a perfect cup

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Things to do in Seattle

Fun Things to Do in Seattle

The coffee Capital of the US, Seattle is the largest city in the Washington State. It’s transformation from a small industrial center to a lively modern city is amazing and inspiring to other towns in the state. Of course, there are many sightseeing attractions in Seattle

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Weekend in Amsterdam

Winsome Guide to a Weekend in Amsterdam

…because the tours and trips are to relax! That might sound a bit absurd but re-visiting a place is the best feeling ever. Rather than visiting all the renowned tourist spots, you pay more heed to relaxation on holiday and uncovering the magic of the city,

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Romantic Things to do in Paris

Most Romantic Things to do in Paris

Romance in the city for lovers! Paris is beautiful enough to inspire the painters, artists and love songwriters of the world. It is astounding enough to make the traveling love-birds fall more for each other. Discover Paris vacation packages for you and your partner The gardens,

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First Time Cruise

Places to Travel for First Time Cruise

The saltwater heals the souls of the travelers! Nothing can do more good to the soul than being on a luxurious cruise. The deep waters, fresh breeze, and warmth of people around add up to a perfect traveling experience. Gone are the days when the sails

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Attractions in Los Angeles

Must-Visit Attractions in Los Angeles

Famous for its entertainment industry, Los Angeles can be best described as a diverse city that offers plenty of sightseeing options including visits to museums, galleries, shopping malls, and parks. The weather is great year-round and there a number of cool and colorful neighborhoods worth exploring.

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Things to do in Dallas with Kids

5 Things to do in Dallas with Kids

Not all classes have four walls! Travel is actually one of the best educators! Traveling, especially with kids, can be a wonderful experience that offers numerous benefits for both parents and children. It can create lasting memories, provide educational opportunities, and strengthen family bonds, among other

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Travel Budget Tips

10 Drool-Worthy Travel Budget Tips

Sometimes the travel is all about luxury! The secluded beach houses, glamorous retreats of hills, romantic lodges, green bushes and unspoiled experiences is what makes your travel luxurious. From intimate experiences to gourmet food, scintillating surroundings, to champagne, and personalized services, luxury vacations packages offer the

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Luxurious Airport Lounges

6 World’s Luxurious Airport Lounges

No one really likes being stuck at the airport because of delayed flights and layovers. At most of these places, the food is expensive, Wi-Fi is inconsistent, and the chairs are uncomfortable. So, how can you enjoy your time spent at the airport? Luckily, most airports

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Tourist Attractions in Boston

Tourist Attractions in Boston

The largest city and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is well-known for its key role in the colonial and Revolutionary War and houses dozens of attractions related to the American Revolution. It is also home to a number of prestigious colleges and universities including Berklee College

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First Visit to Columbia Travel Tips

Columbia is an exotic South American destination and promises unspoiled beaches, high mountains and peaks of the Andes, dense Amazon rainforests filled with varied wildlife, mysterious architectural ruins, a large number of well preserved Spanish colonial towns, and a rich local cuisine. However, Columbia is also

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Honeymoon in Germany

Romantic Places for Honeymoon in Germany

Germany is one of the most romantic countries in Europe. The country of medieval castles, fairy tales, old-world architecture and lovely scenic drives through beautiful forests is made for romance. Much of Germany’s romance lies not in the big cities but in exploring hidden, unique, small

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Places in Switzerland

Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for its stunning natural beauty, from towering snow-capped mountains to crystal-clear lakes and lush green valleys. With so much breathtaking scenery to explore, it’s no wonder that Switzerland is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. In this article,

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Europe Cities for Tourists

Top 5 Europe Cities for Tourists

Once in a lifetime, everyone, for a fact has dreamt about going to Europe. Dazzling artistic beauty, epic architecture, iconic cities and mesmerizing scenic beauty, Europe is what fairy tales are made up. The continent boasts a wealth of attractions and experiences for travelers, which makes

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Gstaad, Switzerland – The Heaven on Earth

Without a doubt, Gstaad, Switzerland is every traveler’s dream! Gstaad is a beautiful village in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland. It is almost a postcard- ski resort town in the Swiss Alps. The Gstaad-Saanenland festival region in the Bernese Oberland

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Places in Europe for Solo Travelers

5 Places in Europe for Solo Travelers

Solo traveling is such an empowering thing to do! The pluses are many- ranging from spending some time with oneself, to the avoidance of the mood variance with your travel companion. Just travel and forget about the world at once. That solitude shell is essential at

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Best Thing To Do In Dallas

Best Thing To Do In Dallas Texas

A mythical city with glorious past and rich present, the ‘Big D’ is an incredible cosmopolitan with an upscale ethos. From cowboys and rodeos to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Dallas is a city that offers everything American legends are made up of. Dallas just like every

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Best Beaches in Europe

Best Beaches in Europe

Are you searching for the most beautiful places for rest and renewal? Nothing can be more rewarding than the beaches of Europe. For the peace-lovers, these shores unfold the calmness that they have preserved since eternity, and for the society-freaks, these beaches offer lovely social gatherings.

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Best Road Trips

The 5 Best Road Trips Around the World

Nothing can be more liberating than driving or walking past an open road! The vibes of any country can be cherished on its roads. But make sure that steering is in your hand; make sure you are the master of your own. Nothing can empower you

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Travel Guide to Europe

Your Travel Guide to Europe

All set to embark on your voyage to Europe? Bought the tickets or are you just in the planning phase? Hold your horses! There are things you need to be wary of to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Here I have pooled up a few

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Top Sunset Destinations

Top Sunset Destinations in the United States

There is no shortage of amazing sunset destinations in the United States. Whether you are after magnificent sunset views from secluded beaches or watching the sun go down from mountains, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots for

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Travel Now and Pay Later Destinations

Once in a Lifetime Destinations

Bucket list destinations are once in a lifetime opportunities to have special experiences including interacting with wildlife, getting close to nature, viewing dramatic landscapes and understanding cultural activities. Once in a lifetime destinations or bucket list destinations can expand your world view you otherwise would not

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Iceland Road Trip

Family Travel Tips for Iceland Road Trip

Iceland is an excellent country for a road trip. The Ring Road is the most popular route with snow-capped mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, lava fields and hot springs. Iceland also has many other road trip options that take you through various parts of the country. All of

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Traveling Solo to India

Tips for Traveling Solo to India

Traveling to India is a great adventure. The country is very large and diverse and has many unique cultural and natural tourist attractions. India’s bigger cities are cultural melting pots and offer great cuisine and nightlife. A trip to India is a time to create memories

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Honeymoon Destinations

Dream Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon is an exceptional and special time for the newlyweds and marks the celebration of the journey ahead. Where the beautiful and tranquil surroundings flame the impassioned time dedicated to the two binding souls to get acquainted with each other and enjoy the sojourn leaving

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Explore Attractive Places

Explore Attractive Places Around the World

Stumped on how to make most out of your holiday! How about dwelling in the eye-popping scenic beauty of glaciers? How about spending few days on a cruise? Exciting! Thanks to the pleasantly warm weather and versatile itineraries, cruising has been one of the most popular

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Beauty Of Hawaii

Discover The Beauty Of Hawaii

Waking up to the sound of the tides hitting the pristine, sugary beaches when the shaft of sunlight breaks its way to the room of your condo. With the tropical breeze blowing you get up to devour you’re your Acai Bowl. Oooops, did you just fall

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Cape Town’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Cape Town’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Thanks to its spectacular views of the ocean and Table Mountain, South Africa’s Mother City is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder there are dozens of romantic restaurants in the city. Whether you are hoping to find a perfect

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Must See in Europe

Places You Must See in Europe

 They say the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But believe me, the charm of Europe would get a hold of your eyes. The epic history of Europe presents itself till date without flaws and withholds the artistic and culinary diversity of those times

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Things To Do In Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas Texas

Dallas – A modern and metropolitan city in Texas! Well, until the Civil War, it was quite overshadowed by its sister city Fort Worth, but after 1873, Dallas grew rapidly.Be it artistic, commercial, poignant, or pleasant, this city is simply big and hence is known as

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Good Travel Agency

Characteristics of a good Travel Agency

What makes a good travel agency? Not only is it finding great deals to your favorite destinations but taking the personal touch to travel planning and booking. In today’s world, people desire to have a very comfortable and stress-free life. Most people want to be free,

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Boston Travel Guide

48 Hours In Boston Travel Guide

Boston weekend getaway? Yes, please! If you have been planning a weekend in Boston and wondering about what to do, where to stay and where to eat, this guide is for YOU. Boston is known as the capital and largest city of Massachusetts’. Incepted in 1630,

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Haarlem, Netherlands

Things to do in Haarlem, Netherlands

Haarlem is a historic and pleasant city located 12 miles from Amsterdam. Haarlem is a medieval city with cobbled streets, historic buildings, and winding canals. The city is a delight for photographers and is one of the popular day trips from Amsterdam. Haarlem can be easily

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Cabaret Shows in Paris

Guide to Cabaret Shows in Paris

Watching a French cabaret show in Paris is one of the city’s highlights. Paris has some excellent choices for cabarets and watching a show is a great way to have fun in Paris at night. A cabaret show is an evening full of entertainment, fun and

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Weekend In Rome

How To Spend A Weekend In Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of Europe’s finest cities to spend a weekend. It is especially popular for those with an interest in history, art, and local cuisine. Rome’s many tourist attractions make it one of Italy’s most visited cities. A trip to Rome

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Boston Steakhouse

Boston Steakhouse Restaurants to Visit

Although Boston is famous for seafood specialties and cream pie, there is definitely no shortage of great steakhouse restaurants in the city. Whether you are after delicious prime Midwestern steaks or ribeye steaks, the Boston steakhouse scene won’t leave you disappointed. Choose your favorite steakhouse restaurant

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Best European Destinations

Best European Destinations For Outdoor Lovers

Europe is a tourist bucket list destination filled with many things to do and explore. Here are the best European destinations for outdoor lovers. Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, a beautiful Swiss town in the mountains, is a hiker’s paradise. Plenty of hiking trails of all difficulty level

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Chicago’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Chicago Tourist Attraction

Chicago, known as the Windy City, is a bustling metropolis located in the heart of the Midwest. With its iconic skyline, world-class museums, and diverse neighborhoods, Chicago is a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world. Whether you’re interested in architecture, food, music, or history,

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Things To Do In New Orleans

5 Best Things To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans is also popularly known as the Crescent City, the Big Easy, Nola, and more. This southern city situated on the Mississippi is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations, crawfish boils, voodoo history and so much more. New Orleans is a great place to visit

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Road Trip Ideas From California

Top 5 Road Trip Ideas From California

California is home to some of the most iconic destinations in the United States including dozens of great theme parks, natural treasures, and picturesque coastal towns. There are also many luxurious travel packages that offer amazing sightseeing opportunities in California. Let’s take a look at some

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Best Foods in Cairo

The Best Foods in Cairo

The food in Cairo is delicious. In addition to loads of traditional foods more exclusively from Egypt, Cairo puts its own spin on some of the more common Middle Eastern dishes, never failing to disappoint! Generally speaking, food can be found anywhere. Definitely try the Egyptian

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Visiting The Pyramids

Travel Tips in Visiting The Pyramids

The Pyramids at Giza are not only Egypt’s most renowned icon, but also one of the most universally recognized monuments in existence. Vying with the likes of the Great Wall, the Eiffel Tower, and the Christ Redeemer, it is doubtful exactly which tops the list; but

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Visiting Cairo

Best Things To Enjoy in Visiting Cairo

Despite being primarily desert, Egypt is a vast and varied land, rich with culture and color and much of the farthest-reaching history in the world. There is fascination to be found here in many places. Cairo however, is undoubtedly the convergence of all this richness. It

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Jordanian Honeymoon

Honeymoon Destinations in Jordan

Jordan can be an incredible honeymoon destination, with its mix of ancient history, stunning landscapes, and luxurious accommodations. As you’ll see in the photos below, Jordan is an ideal place to engage with nature and indulge in adventure travel activities. Due to its location in the

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5 Most Romantic Bridges In The World

Bridges and lovers have a long tradition; strolling on an old bridge hand in hand is one of the most popular activities among lovers of all age groups. Bridges have been used by lovers since historic times to set up trysts and rendezvous. Here are some

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Best Place In Italy To Visit

Best Place In Italy To Visit

Shaped like a boot, Italy is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for dozens of reasons that include picturesque landscapes, architecture, precious art collections, and amazing cuisine. From small coastal towns in Sardinia to the lovely vineyards in Tuscany, Italy offers plenty of sightseeing

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Best Beaches In Europe (1)

Best Beaches In Europe

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it’s no wonder that every summer millions of tourists are flocking to countries like Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Portugal. Whether you are looking for family-friendly beaches with calm waters and plenty

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Family Travel Tips

Family Travel Tips With The Kids

Traveling with kids may seem like a big hassle for the parents but you are creating memories for your kids and it is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. Here are some family travel tips to make it less of a hassle

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Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations For Music Lovers

Are you a music fan and glued to the wide screen on Grammy’s night? Do you like to hear traditional folk songs or country music when you travel? Are you always on the lookout for great local bands? For many travelers, music is a big part

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Digital Nomads

Essentials for Digital Nomads

There are many digital nomads out there who are moving around a lot from one place to another. Some of them are not planning to settle down anytime soon and love exploring tropical destinations and meeting new people. Since staying in one place for a long

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Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

2018 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Beautiful beaches, cabins in the mountains, cities rich with culture – all are great ways to enjoy a new place with your partner and have the dream destination honeymoon that all newlyweds deeply treasure. We have travel ideas for all type of honeymooners; here are some

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Travel Now Pay Later Vacation

Travel Now Pay Later Vacation Destinations

Have you ever felt that you need a vacation now to get away from all that stress but have not been able to afford one? Travel Now Pay Later Vacations is the ideal solution for these types of situations; these vacations let you lock-in great travel

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Affordable Cruise Destination

Affordable Cruise Destination to Discover

All Inclusive cruises are becoming increasingly popular because of their book and relax nature. Compared to traditional cruises, all-inclusive cruise travelers don’t have to pay out of pocket for drinks, gourmet meals, entertainment options and extra activities. All inclusive cruises cover most extra charges including drinks,

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Caves To Visit

6 Best Caves To Visit

Are you ready to explore the hidden depths of the earth? Caves offer a unique and awe-inspiring experience, providing a glimpse into the geological wonders that lie beneath the surface. From stalactites and stalagmites to underground rivers and breathtaking rock formations, caves are truly a natural

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Disney World Hotel

Disney World Hotel Guide

There’s a long list of places to stay during a Disney Word visit, but choosing the right one can be difficult — especially when you’ve never visited and don’t know what to expect. There are a host of Disney World hotels, and Superior Cruise & Travel

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Hidden Gems In Mexico

The Hidden Gems In Mexico

Whether you’re exploring Mexico vacation packages or considering roughing it on a shoestring budget up the Baja coast, Mexico is the ideal place for cost-effective travel and beautiful scenery. Of course, you have your Mexico vacation staples: the Mayan ruins, the Frida Kahlo museum, Copper Canyon,

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Amsterdam is fondly known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades. It is a small city and as such American visitors could almost explore all of it on a bike ride, public transport or a walking tour. The official language is English and Dutch.

Quite a number of people who haven’t been to Amsterdam have heard of its famous canals. They are certainly worth the view. You have 90 islands connected by 1281 Bridges with 165 waterways that create a seemingly floating city.

On your to-do list should be a canal cruise, a great opportunity to feast your eyes on the city’s typical canal houses from both in and out.

You get to see what you read in your history books, Amsterdam has over 6800 homes and buildings which are protected as monuments and dates back from the 16th century to the 20th century. Amsterdam prides itself as the largest historical city of Europe. The Van Gogh museum houses beautiful paintings by the most famous Dutch artist of all time.

Dam square has some squares packed with cafés, restaurants, and bars but Dam is the biggest and most iconic. At night, all the restaurants and bars within and around this area are busy, sitting outside is an excellent way to watch people and experience the night life at Amsterdam.

The unique tourist site in Amsterdam is The Red Light District, Whatever opinions you have about women being displayed in Windows for sale doesn’t count. You can’t find this anywhere else but remember to keep your phones away because taking pictures are forbidden here otherwise you stand the risk of your phone getting confiscated. Come see for yourself the Red light district. Visit Amsterdam!

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