Couple Trips Should Take Before Marriage


Couple Trips You Should Take Before Tying A Knot

A tourist destination for couples and single people are very different. Where singles may want to enjoy all the glittery world of partying and beach dances, couples usually like to have a quiet time at places with romantic sunsets.

Hence, we decided to make a list of destinations; couples should go to before tying a knot. Some places are fun in more of a traditional way, where others are a new definition of fun.

Let’s dive in, but first, you may want to keep your cruise travel agency on hold for this one.

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Greece (Santorini)

Millennials love the land of Greece, the historic buildings, the perfect sight scenes, the picturesque sunsets, the everything!

If you and bae are already hunting places for perfect Christmas postcard picture, look no more. Santorini is what you were looking for.

Spas around hot springs at Red Beach, romantic evening walks at Oia, and mud bath treatments at Black Beach has super romance written all over it.

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Have you ever wonder why couples love snow? It gives them another chance to snuggle and cuddle. Imagine staying a whole night right in the center of the snow. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort of Finland is committed to giving you just that.

In Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort of Finland, you can rent a glass igloo, in the middle of nowhere. You can spend as many nights here as you can and witness the nature in its most beautiful state.

And if it snows when you are in there, you will get one in a lifetime experience, which will stay alive forever in your stories.


Fes of Morocco

Many leading travel magazines illustrated that Morocco would do excellent this year in the field of tourism. Fes can be the sole reason behind the rise of Morocco as new tourism leader of the world.

Fes is loaded with traditions, history and classic architecture; blue gate represents the last point the best. Want to leave your partner awe-inspired? Take bae to Tanners’ Quarter.

At Tanners’ Quarter, barefooted traders tread skins in dyeing pits. A piece of mint is given to people before entering the market, to tackle the pungent dyeing pits.

It is indeed something extraordinary.

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Chile’s the Atacama Desert

One may ask why a couple would want to visit the driest place on the earth. Stargazing is the answer to that.

The population of the place is not much; the pollution is low, the air is dry which all adds up to make it the perfect place for stargazing.

According to Chile Tourism, between mid-April to the end of September is the ideal for stargazing. You can already feel the dry air, the twinkling stars, looking at the creation, spell bounding!

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The Tunnel of love

If something is named the tunnel of love, how can a couple miss that? Klevan of Ukraine also known as the Tunnel of Love is a rail track which is covered form all four directions with natural green arches.

As per a modern legend, any couple who rides from this tunnel together will get anything, they want. This place is evergreen, and you can visit is any time of the year.

It looks as beautiful in white snow as it looks in natural green arches. Search travel agency near me on internet book two tickets and appreciate the beauty this world is.

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