Best Honeymoon Destinations For Music Lovers


Are you a music fan and are glued to the screen on Grammy’s night? Do you like to hear traditional folk songs or country music when you travel? Are you always on the lookout for great local bands? For many travelers, music is a big part of travel as is local sightseeing and historic sites. For those prefer to make their travel memories through beats and rhythm, here are top destination honeymoons in the United States for your music-themed vacation.

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Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has a great music scene and has been called Music City. When you are in Asheville you will be able to hear drums, fiddles and street dance groups on just about every street corner. Asheville also has a growing craft beer scene and visiting the local breweries is a great way to spend your days. Add that to Asheville’s location, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and many luxury cabins to add the sparkle to your stay and you have got all the right ingredients for your destination honeymoon.

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Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its unparalleled music scene, a hip urban crowd comprised of college students and young professionals, and a great culinary scene. Austin almost has some kind of music being played through the city’s many venues including supermarkets, and even the airport at any time of the day.


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New Orleans, Louisiana

If it is jazz you are after then you have to visit New Orleans. Cafes host local jazz groups throughout the day, jazz musicians are frequent outside the Cathedral and the city’s jazz brunches have it both – great Creole/Cajun food and the jazz blues. NOLA destination honeymoon will be full of walks through eclectic neighborhoods, rides through horse-drawn carriages and delectable French cuisine.

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Nashville, Tennessee

For old school music lovers, the pot at the end of the rainbow is in Nashville. Here you can find indie rock, hip-hop, country,and metal. Nashville is also home to many of the top artists including Sheryl Crow and others. Even the worst bars in Nashville can turn up a decent tune than most places in other cities. Other Nashville attractions include the Smoky Mountains, pine cabins,and Jacuzzi tubs – all perfect for a romantic destination honeymoon.

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Portland, Oregon

Portland is the destination for eco-tourists and a great place for music enthusiasts. The city has a lot of open-air music venues including Forest Park – a 5000-acre park with trails and biking paths. Other endless music opportunities include discovering indie rock, disco and country music in the small cafes and hip eateries that are mushrooming in the city’s eclectic neighborhoods.

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Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is perfect destination honeymoon for music lovers. Newlyweds can stay in the Hard Rock Hotel to start their honeymoon on the right note and hit popular venues such as House of Blues and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. If its summertime, check out the free music concerts at Millennium Park. Eat in one of the Michelin starred restaurants and stroll through Downtown’s tallest buildings to create some amazing memories.

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