10 Drool-Worthy Travel Budget Tips


Sometimes the travel is all about luxury!

The secluded beach houses, glamorous retreats of hills, romantic lodges, green bushes and unspoiled experiences is what makes your travel luxurious.

From intimate experiences to gourmet food, scintillating surroundings, to champagne, and personalized services, luxury vacations packages offer the best things.

But do the luxuries come on a budget?

Perhaps not! Or maybe, YES!

Although the king-size bed, marble-lined floors, or anything that packs a luxury vacation package is too heavy on the pocket, these handy tips will help you save oodles of money:

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Plan Your Itinerary for A Budget Travel Journey:

It’s always the best to plan next trip beforehand. Prior planning will help you save money, and for sure you will get the most out of your travel bucket list.

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Look for Low Price 5-Star Destinations:

You definitely want a place where your currency buys a lot! So, when choosing a 5-star travel agency, lavishing place, take a trip to the country first and jot down their currency worth.  From North America to Greece and Portugal to the UK, there are many places where you can find luxury that too at reasonable prices.

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Choose Off-Beat Tracks and Less Touristy Places:

If you choose to stay at less central places or at places that are less touristy, you will perhaps save more. Many hotels and bungalows provide luxury services that too on the cost that suits your budget. Since these places are not in the heart of the city, they will cost you less.

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When Traveling Europe, Think of Eastern Europe than the Western one:

East Europe is more budget-friendly than the Western one! Wondering which places to visit in East side?

How about Budapest, Hungary or perhaps Prague? The mesmerizing beauty and the luxurious stays will make you feel WOW!

There’s more! You can visit Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia or Croatia or maybe Poland!

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 Pick Destination with Cheaper Flights:

Search for large immigrant populations that are close to the airport near you, and you will come across places that offer less expensive flights.

A quick check will save your dollars, and you can easily buy an expensive dress!

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Check out Solo Traveler Deals:

Many vacation agencies offer myriad of enticing offers for single travelers. You can check that if you are traveling alone!

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Plan for a Variety of Accommodations:

If you are one a long trip, don’t stay in one place. Instead, mix and match accommodation styles. Plan your stay in some mid-range places while some days at the luxury ones.

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Look for Smaller Hotels:

Although chain hotels with bars and restaurants might offer top-notch services, some smaller, boutique hotels offer the same. However, there’s no specific rating or any criteria for finding them! You can rely on word-of-mouth or can look for reviews.

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Home Exchange:

Want to enjoy amenities like locals? Look for someone who can give up your home for some time. Although it’s not a direct swap, you have to juggle a lot to find someone to offer you accommodation.

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Step to the Bar:

You don’t have to be in your ultra-luxury hotel for some appetizing yet sumptuous wine. Step out and look for other bars, drink or perhaps a tea that to on-budget.  The prices will not always be half-price, but you will for sure save some.

So, those were some drool-worthy tips that surely will take you on a luxury trip on a budget! Get your backpacks and get going!



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