The 5 Best Road Trips Around the World


Nothing can be more liberating than driving or walking past an open road!

The vibes of any country can be cherished on its roads. But make sure that steering is in your hand; make sure you are the master of your own. Nothing can empower you more than an open road and the swaying winds that cross across to drive away the unwanted thoughts from your mind.

Settle your wanderlust to know what lies around the next bend of these roads!


The Atlantic Road, Norway

Uncover the most beautiful journey on The Atlantic Road!

The glance of the inky waters passing through the river crossings would leave you spellbound. The Atlantic road in its 8 kilometers covers everything ranging from the beautiful landscapes to bridges and the mountains to rocky islands. The view of the beautiful sunset would entangle your soul and make you wish to live on that open road forever.

The fragrance of freedom can be smelt from the fresh breeze passing by. The sight of whales and dolphins amidst the steady waters is worth to be cherished.


The Ring Road, Iceland

Explore every nook and corner of Iceland while driving on The Ring Road.

Fall in love with Iceland’s natural beauty and get an introduction to its culture during the drive on this mesmerizing road.

The beauty with a bit of adventure is undoubtedly a feast to the soul. Swim in the geothermal pools, hike through the waterfalls, ride on the horsebacks and get lost in the magnificent glaciers and untamed coastlines.

Adore the beauty of nature and unfold the love you hold within for desolated road destinations.

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North Coast 500, Scotland

Calling it just a jaw-dropping route would be undermining. There is so much more to it.

This 500 miles drive offers a tremendous picturesque of the unspoiled areas of the European continent. The towns and villages accompanied by the mesmerizing beauty of natural landscapes provide a pure blend of the culture and the coastal beauty.

The mountains and castles with life-filled coasts make the drive best of its kind. The living creatures can be seen across the coastline, making the picturesque more beautiful.

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The Garden Route, South Africa

For all the wildlife lovers, The Garden Route is the route especially for you!

This 120-mile route introduces you to the lagoons and desert beaches. The forests and lakes are also located across the road track making the view worth glancing.

The hidden towns can be explored to uncover the hidden beauty. The animal encounters in this region are usual, bringing in the adventurous side of the place out.

The accommodation in the area would be organized by your vacation agency. So, you need not worry.

Just cherish the affordable food and wine of the place!

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Cabot Trail, Canada

Don’t forget to check out the Cabot Trail in your luxury vacation packages!

The Cabot Trail is considered one of the most beautiful destinations of the world. The beautiful oceans and rock loaded glaciers enhance its beauty manifolds.

The society lovers can enjoy the festivals, musical events, and concerts. The local seafood would offer a treat to the taste-buds. Savor the magic of fishing as well in the fishing villages across the trail.

The more you would explore, the more you would fall in love with this beautiful road!

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