Tourist Destinations To Travel in 2018


Every traveler has something different in its DNA. They live to travel, for the joy of exploring new lands, for the excitement of chatting with a stranger near the bonfire and for the inexpressible feeling.

While 2017 seen an extensive rise in the tourism business, 2018 too, has promising potential. So, here is a list of places one should consider traveling this year instead of clichéd places like Bali and Paris.

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Xian, China

China is an underrated country to the extent of tourism. Although the latest Karate Kid movie, promoted the Chinese tourism globally, it is yet to reach its full potential.

However, the continually growing popularity of Xian can see a lot of people visiting China this year. Xian was country’s first great ancient capital, hence is full of the great architect.

City’s most famous attraction is the Terracotta Warrior Museum. The site was discovered by peasants in 1974 while digging a well.

The museum has a collection of a figurine of the first Emperor of China’s famous Qin Shi Huang army. As per archaeologists, the funerary figures of soldiers’ purpose was to protect the emperor after his death.

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Now that every inch of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Egypt has been traveled, it is time for something new. Senegal will be a perfect start.

Africa has been luring backpackers for a long time now. Learn some French, be nice and there you go, you are all set for the African Safari.

African Renaissance Monument is, can’t miss at Senegal. This 100-meter tall monument was opened for public in 2010.

It is a symbol of African spirit of resilience against the foreign invasion.

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The capital Croatia, Zagreb

Croatia is another name that has been earning its name in the tourism industry. Croatia’s capital Zagreb is a perfect destination if you want to go someplace romantic.

Zagreb is a hub of music theatres, art exhibitions and a lot of other romantic stuff. One should not miss the chance to see the largest museum of Croatia, Museum of Contemporary when in Zagreb.

This 5000 sqm museum was opened in 2009, has a library, a children’s workshop, and a multi-media room.

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Africa’s gate Morocco is a very different than rest of the world. Morocco has the potential to be one of the most prominent travel destinations ever.

The country is full of diversities, there are mountains, there is desert, and there are Ancient Medinas. Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh are some of the most famous medinas of Morocco.

If you are thinking what a Medina is?  A medina is a specific part of some of the North African and Maltese cities, which typically has very narrow streets.

Medinas are best for shopping and street food.

Ending note

Well if you are planning to take a long vacation this season, give these four places a chance to impress.

When your acquaintance is clicking pictures at the same old corny locations, you will be exploring something fresh and fabulous.

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