Dominican Republic Vacation Packages

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island popularly known for its beaches, resorts, and golf. Our Dominican Republic vacation packages will pamper you regardless if you like it busy and backed by all-inclusive resorts or you prefer secluded places where you can hide away and go diving. Thus, the Dominican Republic is your best bet.

The Dominican Republic offers a tropical paradise experience with exceptional luxury, white sand beaches and Caribbean-style hospitality. The Dominican Republic leads its pack in the Caribbean all-inclusive resorts market. Whether you are on a tight budget or you are on the look out for a luxury resort, there’s a plan for everyone. Our resorts are located in fantastic beach locations and mostly offer world class facilities to guests.


  • What to see in the Dominican Republic

Do you want spectacular scenery? The geographical landscapes found in the Dominican Republic are breath taking, from cloud forest, rainforest and mangroves to salt lakes, Savannah, and coastal lagoons. The Dominican Republic is also home to the region’s lowest point, 148ft below sea level at the Enriquillo Lake, where alligators, flamingos, and iguanas can be spotted. The Dominican Republic also boasts of having the tallest waterfalls in the Caribbean – the Salta Aqua Blanca (492 feet). If you’re a swimmer, you should check out Damajagua Falls, another very beauty of nature to behold. It’s a series of 27 falls. The El Limon waterfall has a 130 feet drop, and it requires a 1.5-mile walk or rides to get to it. A dip in the pool below the torrent can be refreshing.

What to do in the Dominican Republic

Charter a whale watching boat and enjoy a tropical view up close, yet at a safe distance, as these animals relax in the Caribbean blue. Do not forget to bring your fully charged phone for pictures to last a lifetime. The Dominican Republic offers tourists and travelers the ultimate beach and resort destination experience. The beaches of the Dominican Republic offer a vast expanse of clear blue water and powdery sand that stretches for miles. A beautiful scene to behold!

You can go whale watching at one of the best sights in the world for whale watching – Samana Bay. At some fortunate time, you can see as much as 250 to 300 whales at a stretch. These whales congregate to mate and give birth.

Direct Flights to the Dominican Republic

Our Dominican Republic vacation packages offer direct, non-stop flights from many North American cities. We include flights with our partner airlines from every US city.