How To Pack Smart For A Cruise


Cruises are a new way of saying that you are a millionaire. As now there is an insane number of companies that are willing to take you on a water trip, all you got to do is packing.

However, this “packing” is easier said than done. It is fun only when you have an OCD because let’s face it what normal person likes packing?

More often than you think, people get it wrong and end up with lousy luggage. So, we came up with a system, which one should follow to pack right for a cruise.

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The Savior Known As Carry-On Bag

Carry-on bags genuinely are the saviors of every cruise vacation. Even the all inclusive cruises won’t let you access your luggage for at least six hours past the sailing.

The only things you will have with you for the majority of your first day will be in your carry-on bag. You must keep the most essential and fundamental stuff in it, for the same reason.

Your favorite book, your bathing suit, your medicine box and your comfy slippers all must be in your carry-on bag.

You must also include other stuff you feel is essential, and you will need during the first half of your first cruising day.

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Always Pack Portable Chargers

You will be on a remarkable journey of your life, and there if you couldn’t take pictures, it will be a shame. Portable chargers are must have due to this reason.

For instance, you are sipping your whiskey on the deck and see something mesmerizing in the water, and your batteries are out of juice. Think of the terror.

Plus, if you are traveling with a partner, there will be a lot of things that will need the charging, laptops, phones, cameras, iPods, etc.

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Do Not Forget To Bring Formals

Modern cruises are cool and have a lot to offer, expensive dinners with various shows are one of them.

For any formal occasion on the cruise you will need a formal suit, don’t forget to pack one with you.

There will be welcome ceremonies, farewell ceremonies and what not, so a suit in the closet will worth two at home.

top travel agenciesDon’t Pack Random Things

Before throwing anything into your bag ask yourself are you going to use/wear it? For dresses, don’t pack four tees and five half-pants plan things.

Pack things in a pair, which shirt will go with which pant and which shirt you will be wearing with your capris? Pack outfits rather than packing clothes individually.

Don’t pack something that you highly doubt you will ever use on a cruise, like your lucky baseball bat.

Bottom Line

Packing bags is not an easy job, not the most interested one either but still, you got to do that. And doing the packing smart will not only keep you relaxed on the cruise but will also save you a few bucks.

Smart packing means packing stuff that you will need and leaving the rest out, and lighter luggage means lesser charges.

Now when we have covered the packing section contact a cruise travel agency and book your cruise today.

Stay Smart and Stay healthy, happy cruising!

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