Jamaica Vacation Packages

Jamaica is a Caribbean Island nation located to the south of Cuba and the west of the island of Hispaniola. It enjoys a tropical climate, and the weather makes it an attractive place for Tourists. With an annual average temperature of 81°F, Jamaica guarantees you escape from the dreaded cold.

Jamaica is home to the iconic music legend, Bob Marley and the Olympic track world record breaker Usain Bolt. Jamaica is the home of reggae music and tours to the music legend’s house at Nine Mile in his village, where he was born and his recording studio can be arranged.

The scintillating white sand beaches of Jamaica are one of the finest in the Caribbean and a major tourist attraction of the Island nation. This island’s beaches flatter the beaches on other islands such as Barbados, Anguilla or Grand Cayman and Antigua. Jamaica has the most beautiful stretches of white sand beaches.

For those looking to shop for antique, great shopping deals can be found all over the island especially in the capital – Kingston. One of major shopping attractions that cater to the tourist is the Jamaican crafters. They offer a variety of unique artisan pieces at great prices, from jewelry to art to special foods, there’s so much to explore within the Jamaican tourist market. You can also get great deals on perfumes, clothes, handbags and local items on the purchase without duty.

Go camping and hunting in the rainforest, you can also enjoy thrill-seeking adventures such as running down the mountains on a bobsled or a zip line through the trees. The Mystic Mountain in Ohio Rios has on offer, all kinds of daring adventures, it’s safe because there are guides to help you out.

English is the official language of Jamaica, but you will find the alternative patois quite interesting. The majority of Jamaicans are bilingual (English and Patois), but a few speak only patois.

Looking to take a vacation in Jamaica, then you have made the right decision. For anyone looking for the experience of a lifetime, Jamaica should ring a bell. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Jamaica; these are just a few.