How to Travel Europe on Budget


This grand affair to move makes you rich in life!

Traveling in itself is quite empowering and going to Europe is the best thing that you can gift oneself. The Europe trip is on the bucket list of almost everyone – from the young couples to the oldies. But the fact that bothers is the budget.

Well, we have sorted things to make Europe a budget-pro travel destination for you. Read along to know how!

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Finding an accommodation

How about staying in a hostel or at a camping site?

Whether you want to take the room on sharing basis, or you are planning to take a single room for oneself, the hostels in Europe have both the options at reasonable prices.

Are you an adventure lover? Try out the camping accommodations of this continent. You may even opt for couch-surfing or house-sitting. The beauty of being in Europe is in building closeness with the nature and the residents of the area. Get the sense of the cultural diversity with an in-budget stay!

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Cheers to all the foodies out there!

Want to taste the flavors of Europe?

Ask the locals about their favorite food joints. They would for sure know where the food has the value for money.

Also, there is no better place than the street markets. The street shops not only have lovely flavors to offer but are also budget-friendly. You may even opt for cooking at your place on your own.

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When transportation is cheap and fun

European train pass is something that could prove to be your fast friend in Europe!

There are ample of other tourist passes for travelers that offer accessible and affordable transportation through the public transport systems. If you want to travel through airlines, you may ask your vacation agency to organize the tickets of RyanAir or EasyJet for you.

Well, beyond that cycling and walking in Europe would never go out of fashion!

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Where to travel when on Budget?

Be it the historically rich Krakow in Poland or the sight-laden Budapest in Hungary, Europe has incredible to-visit places for the budget-friendly trip.

The culture lovers may visit the Berlin, and the water enthusiasts may land up somewhere near Portugal. The food lovers can for sure satisfy their taste buds at Leon’s streets in Spain.

Transylvania in Romania is a beautiful place for the adventure lovers as no travel trip can be worth it without the adrenaline rush!

Search out for the following places in the list of European vacation packages for affordable memory collection.

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The shoulder seasons are the best!

The shoulder season in Europe is April through the mid-June, and September through October. The shoulder season in Europe brings with it decent and peaceful weather with the lesser crowd and more mental peace.

The prices for accommodation, food, and travel are also lesser than the peak season.

Beyond all the significant things, drink less as it’s going to be quite heavy on your pockets. Try to shop at the discount grocers, have an ISIC card for the discounts at the museums and other tourist destinations and also, try to share the ride.

Well, that said, no travel experience is non-budget-friendly as traveling is always a win-win affair.

As they say, on travel are the only expenses that make you rich!

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