Winsome Guide to a Weekend in Amsterdam


…because the tours and trips are to relax!

That might sound a bit absurd but re-visiting a place is the best feeling ever. Rather than visiting all the renowned tourist spots, you pay more heed to relaxation on holiday and uncovering the magic of the city, and it’s ambiance in particular. And no place can be better than Amsterdam for this purpose.

Amsterdam has so much to look out for if you are here for the first time and a long holiday. But for a relaxing weekend, the travel planning varies.

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When to visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is an adorable place and no month or day diminishes its beauty. Still, people prefer visiting this destination lesser in the winters as it’s a bit cold to walk the streets or cycle your heart off.

Amsterdam is quite an expensive tourist destination. Thereby, save some money by planning and booking at the earliest for lower flight charges. You may also look out for some cheap travel agents that would save you some cash to explore Amsterdam more.

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How to visit around?

Trams, buses, and metros are readily available in Amsterdam. But choosing the accommodation wisely can save you from searching for transportation options.

That being said, walking around or hiring the bicycle is damn cool as you get to explore more of the Amsterdam.

Wandering where to search for relaxation and peace of mind? We have sorted it for you!

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Rejuvenation with an Amsterdam boat tour

The sight of water around empowers all!

Start up the weekend amidst the 165 canals that link up this beautiful city together. Hire a private or a group boat to make the sight-seeing memorable. The hop-on-hop-off services are also available if you want to explore every corner of this mesmerizing city. You may contact any cruise travel agency to wine-and-dine or have a romantic candle-light dinner onboard.

The view of the leaning buildings and well-maintained streets and parks from the canal boats is a treat to eyes and soul!

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More than 50 museums to elate you

Get swayed by the art and artifacts in Amsterdam!

The best option to have a glance of is The Rijksmuseum having alluring architecture and artifacts you can’t stop gazing. Beyond the big and famous museums like Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum, one may visit some less famous museums to enjoy the solitude and the art.

History lovers may visit the history museums, and others may search out for some specialty museum or any museum laden with majestic Golden Age paintings.

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Take a gander at Amsterdam’s culture

To see the beauty of a place, watch out for the natural landscapes and the museums. And, to know about the lifestyle, enter the market!

The markets of Amsterdam would shred well your pockets, but it would be worth it. The colors and vibrant ambiance would make you fall in love with this place. Also, the ample of options available to shop from would get your hand on some remarkable things.

You may visit clubs and bars to get a glimpse of the famous Amsterdam nightlife. A usual stroll may lead you to some classy restaurant, coffee shop or food point. Savor the tastes of Amsterdam and enjoy your relaxing stay!

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