The Best Street Food In Asia


It will be a lie if someone says most people don’t travel for food, from one continent to another. Yes, the attractions, culture and other factors play vital roles too but food has to be on the top of them all.

The food industry is at their all-time high, last time people were eating that much was during the reign of Caligula.

Every kind of food-related business is making massive stashes of money, especially the food street section. Even the most excellent traveler of all time, Ibn Battuta is said to have a week side for different foods.

So, let’s do it retro style and the dig out famous street foods of the enthralling land of Asia.

Street Food In Asia


Probably the most famous food of Asian cuisine is Satay. Mostly served in Southeast Asian countries, Satay is Indonesia’s national dish.

The roots of this dish can be traced to India, because of its similarities with Kebabs. Satay is meat lumps pierced together in wooden chopsticks, grilled and finally served with peanut sauce.

Don’t like the meat? Try tofu as an alternative.

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This South Korean dish has delicious written all over it. Tteokbokki is the most loved street food in the country.

In Tteokbokki they serve you rice and fish cakes with a syrupy red chili sauce and sometimes boiled eggs and scallions too.

The delicious Korean dish is served with both gochujang (chili sauce) and ganjang (soya sauce). When in Korea one must taste these things.

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Curry Mee

Curry mee or curry laksa is a dish prepared by mixing spicy chicken, prawns, pork blood, tofu, coconut curry soup, rice vermicelli and egg noodles.

This dish with many flavors is extremely popular in Southeast Asia. Sliced boiled eggs and chili is usually placed to adorn the bowl before serving.

The taste is somewhat a mystery of this dish; you have to try it to understand it. Malaysia’s Curry mee is world famous, if you want to try the recipe, contact any vacation agency and book your tour for Malaysia.

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Jalebi one of those street foods which you cannot say no to, the taste is imposing. The syrupy dish was invented in 1450 AD in India.

It is used widely in South Asia, North Africa and in parts of Middle East. The sweet is made up from wheat flour, which is turned into a paste and deep fried.

Afterward, it is soaked in sugar syrup and served as Jalebi. In northern parts of India, Jalebi is the distributed on happy occasion and is believed to be a very nutritious snack.

Wrestlers consume Jalebies with warm milk for meals sometimes too.


These are some of the best street foods to try in the continent of Asia. Remember, food is an essential part of traveling. It is until, you have tasted the local food, your journey is not considered completed.

Pack the bags, pack the gear, pick up your earphones, call any cheap travel agents and eat your way through Asia.

Have Fun!

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