Family Travel Tips for Iceland Road Trip


Iceland is an excellent country for a road trip. The Ring Road is the most popular route with snow-capped mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, lava fields and hot springs. Iceland also has many other road trip options that take you through various parts of the country. All of these routes promise dramatic landscapes, glaciers, and incredible natural wonders. Iceland is a great family-friendly destination however a trip does take some advance planning. Here are our best family travel tips for a great self-drive journey in Iceland:


  1. When to go to Iceland for a family holiday

While Iceland is spectacular in winter and offers plenty of opportunities to chase the Northern Lights, the weather is not suitable for children. The intense cold can be biting and visitors might spend half their time ensuring that the kids are bundled up. Also daylight offers are very few in winter which might make the younger travelers moody and tired. On the other hand, summer is perfect time to take your family to Iceland. The temperatures are pleasant and kids will enjoy the long days and many activities.

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  1. What to pack for your family in summer

Packing for Iceland in summer is tricky. Iceland summer is like a particularly cold winter for people living in the tropical climates. Visitors need to dress in layers and pack accordingly. A nice warm waterproof jacket, mittens and a thick woolen hat are some of the essentials. Sturdy hiking boots are necessary to navigate the glaciers, ice caves and waterfalls. It also makes sense to keep a layer of thermals handy since the weather is very unpredictable and can turn chilly quickly.

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  1. How to reach Iceland

Family travel tips to reach Iceland on a budget usually focus on finding the cheapest airfares. Wow Air usually has the cheapest prices but they are comparable to Spirit Airlines within the US and charges quickly add up for additional luggage, seat choices and so on.

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  1. Getting around Iceland

There is only one option to get around Iceland: via rental car. There are many rental car companies that operate in Iceland and rent cars for driving the popular Ring Road. Most of the companies are based just out of the airport and can be reached via the shuttle bus. Renting a 2WD car is enough for driving along the ring road however to reach the interior parts of Iceland, a 4WD vehicle is absolutely necessary. A GPS is highly recommended to keep your family safe at all times.

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  1. Family travel tips for safe driving in Iceland

You should drive on the right in Iceland. Iceland driving laws dictate that headlights should be on at all times. Taking a 2WD vehicle on the Mountainous interior F roads is forbidden. Also driving off-road is forbidden. Stopping along a road to admire the view or take photos is a strict no-no. The Ring Road has frequent picnic spots for stopping and resting.

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