Best Beaches in Europe

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Are you searching for the most beautiful places for rest and renewal?

Nothing can be more rewarding than the beaches of Europe. For the peace-lovers, these shores unfold the calmness that they have preserved since eternity, and for the society-freaks, these beaches offer lovely social gatherings.

The gaze of the horizons; the empowering dawns and dusks show up the beauty that a beach can withhold. The beach seems like another world in itself.

The guide to the best beaches in Europe is ready.  Get ready for the best experiences of your lifetime.

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Cala Tonnarella, Sicily, Italy

To all the peace-lovers, this beach is for you!

The secluded beaches free of crowds are rare to find. The beaches are real love! Therefore, the hustle-bustle at every beach is usual. But Cala Tonnarella offers the quiet and peaceful environment. Situated in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, it is a mesmerizing stretch of pure white water, striding over the soft sand.

This beach also offers an opportunity to hike for about an hour as this beach is inaccessible through the road. All the hard work gets paid well on entering the stunning beach area.

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Durdle Door Beach, Dorset, England

This beautiful beach is the part of the Jurassic Coast, designated as a World Heritage Site in 2001. The 95-mile stretch is famous for its geographical location, beautiful scenery, fossils, caves, and coves.

The world famous rock-arch adds to the uniqueness of the beach.

This beach is lovely picnic spot. It enables one to explore the caves, go for snorkeling and cherish the beauty that it withholds.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

No European Vacation Packages exclude this most beautiful sand-stretch in Greece.

This Shipwreck Beach has access by a boat only. And the journey of the boat to this exposed cove is worth cherishing. The limestone cliffs with white sand and blue water offer a site you can’t afford to miss.

This beautiful beach attracts thousands of tourists yearly. But the calmness of the beach stays intact despite the cheers of the gathered crowd.


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Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland

If you are tired of seeing the same kind of beaches, there is something new to gaze at this beach.

The Reynisfjara beach is a lava beach made up of volcanic ashes. But its beauty would leave you stunned. The cliffs and caves are a common site.

The site of the beach makes you realize that black is beautiful indeed. The beach is made up of black stones and pebbles. The sight makes you feel as if you are in another world.

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Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

People owe a great credit to the Mother Nature for the beauty of this beach.

Hearing about it, I contacted the travel agency near me to gaze at the mesmerizing picturesque. It looks like a golden sand beach but is made up of pebbles that stretch for approximately half a mile on either side.

The shape of the extended coast gets influenced by the currents and changes its shape accordingly. It seems as if all the natural forces are working in unison to increase the beauty of this beach.

This beach also offers adventure in the form of windsurfing, jet-skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, etc.


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