Traveling Checklist For Brazil


So the white sanded minion managed to lure you too on its excellent land then? Great! The tickets must be ready; the hotel bookings are not a problem, and all there’s left is packing.

Brazil may give an impression that it is just about white sand beaches, but it is not, there is much more than the beaches.

So, you should pack accordingly too. Packing is indeed a tiring job, no matter how much one try; s/he always will forget something important.

This post’s main aim is to remind you what you should never miss or leave while going on a trip to Brazil.

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Medication And Cosmetics

If you are taking any medicine, be it for allergies or anything else you must always keep it by yourself in Brazil.

One would also like to bring some mosquito repellent with one too, especially in the rural areas of Brazil. Mosquitoes may not look like a bigger deal for now, but they are for sure in Brazil.

Also, don’t forget to pack a lot of sunscreen lotion. Brazil is very pricey in the high season, and things may cost a lot, so it is better to bring your own.

In addition to that, the sun is pretty unkind during the summers in Brazil. You will be exposing a lot of skin to the sun, to dodge various skin related issues, apply a lot of sunscreens.

online travel agencyWaterproof Phone Case

Your mobile phone is your best guide and helper in Brazil. Well, you can hire any vacation agency too, but you will need a phone for that also.

People spend a lot of time on the beaches when they visit Brazil. More often than you think, people manage to mess up their phone.

So to solve this riddle, you should pack a waterproof phone case may be two, to stay on the safe side.

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Money Belt

People hate money belts and fairly the travel movies also, didn’t do any good to them, yet they are essential.

Brazil gets very crowded in the high season time which leads to usual pickpocket incidents, hence, the money belt.

The money belt is way, common in Brazil. You will not see anyone carrying a handbag in the country during the busy hours, and now you know the reason why.

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A Power Strip

It will sound stupid and paranoid for now, but it is not. Almost all the hotels and hostels in Brazil have a meager number of electrical outlets.

You will find only one, electrical outlet in every hall and room. When you are sharing a room or staying in a hall, a power strip can be a lifesaver.

Plus, you don’t have to wait up to charge up your phone while your camera batteries are charging.

Ending Note

Traveling is fun, and it is even more fun when you are fully prepared. Include all these things in your packing plan and a lot of your future problems are solved already.

Ask your vacation agency whether your hotel will provide the shaver or hair curler/ straightener, if not pack them too.

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Enjoy the sunny vacations!

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