Safety Tips For Tourists In Thailand


Tourist gurus say Thailand is new France. The craze-party tourist destination is welcoming a more significant number of tourists every year.

Famous for adult tourism, Thailand was considered the safest place to travel until, August 2016.

On 11th and 12th August when multiple bombing incidents occurred on various tourist places of Thailand.

Since then, Thailand is known for issuing Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings to assure the security of foreign tourists.

Thailand is still a safe country to travel if we neglect the smaller crimes, which can take place anywhere in this world.

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Never Hand Your Passport Over

No matter what they say, no matter what they ask, no matter what they do, never hand over your passport to anyone.

Your passport is the most significant document in any country you can ever possibly possess. You are in big trouble if you lose it.

But if your passport is snatched off you, calling the police should be your first task. Then you will have to call your country’s embassy tell them what happened and apply for a temporary passport.

To avoid this situation, you should always have a colored copy of your passport reserved back at home or your hotel room

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Never Drink Too Much

You are on a vacation, and you should have a laid-back attitude is never an excuse for getting dirty drunk.

Know your drinking limits but if and when you want to get wasted, do that in your hotel room, where you are the safest.

Draw a drinking line and follow it strictly.

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Don’t Act Richie Rich

You cannot roam around streets of Thailand flashing cash, left, right and center. Split your stashes and assign them to individual tasks.

Do not carry all your money with you all the time, or credit/debit cards.

Leave some safe money on a card and put it in your bags at the hotel, so that even if you face something, unfortunately, you are not stripped of money.

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Never Have Drugs On You In Thailand

Call it rule of thumb if you may but never ever possess drugs when you are in Thailand. Rules are very strict about drugs in Thailand.

You could have to do at least one year in Thai prison if you are arrested, selling, buying or with possessing in Thailand.

The penalty getter harder for the drugs smugglers; that goes as high as the death penalty. Yes,  you may have to lose your life if you are caught trying to smuggle drugs into Thailand.

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Women, Steer Clear Of Monks

Some temples don’t welcome/allow women entry; feminism is yet to reach Thailand hence, no one is opposing this. Women also cannot touch monks and offer anything to them directly, if you want to give them anything place it on the floor.

Also, there are many places in Thailand which are reserved for monks and where entry of women is strictly prohibited.

Ending Note

We cannot expect every country to be the same with the exactly same environment; unity in diversity is this world’s motto and so should be yours.

You can ask any Boston Travel agencies for more safety tips while traveling to Thailand before booking tickets.

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