Best Cafes To Visit in Oslo

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Norway is definitely a coffee-loving country and people from Oslo have a high standard when it comes to this tasty drink. Did you know that 70% of Norwegians drink coffee every day? Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Oslo is home to hundreds of cafes and independently-run coffee shops. The capital of Norway also has a number of baristas who roast, import, and grind coffee beans to perfection. To help you decide where to have your cup of coffee, we’ve carefully selected the best cafes in Oslo.

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Tim Wendleboe

Tim Wendleboe is a training center for coffee, roaster, bar, resource center, and a coffee school. If this doesn’t sound appealing enough, the owner and a true legend in the coffee world, Tim Wendelboe is the winner of the Nordic Roaster in 2015 and 2016 and can be seen quite often on the front covers of popular magazines in Norway. Here, you will find a small menu that includes several bean varieties and the coffee is roasted in their giant Avengers-style machine. The cappuccino al freddo is simply delicious and comes in a martini glass. Tim Wendleboe also offers coffee tasting sessions and two people can share four types of coffee including a presentation for just Nkr 150.

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Cafe Amsterdam

The first Dutch café in all of Norway, Café Amsterdam is all about creating an authentic Dutch feeling to their customers. What we like about this place is that in the morning it boasts this relaxing atmosphere and at night it transforms into an energetic café crowded with guests. All of the decorations are imported straight from the city of Amsterdam and you can even try traditional Dutch snacks here. Besides food, they are well-known for serving delicious coffee that is quite different from coffees that you will find in typical Norwegian coffee shops.

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One of the most popular cafes in Oslo, Fuglen boasts a retro décor with classic couches and chairs from the 70s and several super old tvs and lamps. The interior basically looks like someone’s living room and this is one of the reasons why everyone loves this place so much. On the menu, there is a wide range of coffee to choose from. The signature drink is definitely the popular cortado, which is made by using Fuglen-roasted beans. The baristas are knowledgeable and always happy to recommend drinks and explain everything there is to know about each type of coffee they serve here. Besides their original location here in Oslo, they also have a branch in Tokyo.

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Hendrix Ibsen

Hendrix Ibsen is a newbie on the coffee scene in Oslo. This coffee and vinyl shop gets beans from different roasters besides coffee they have a nice selection of American beers. The interior consist of recycled materials and reclaimed wood creating an ideal setting for a coffee-drinking paradise. Make sure to try the complimentary crunchy chocolate that goes perfectly together with every single coffee they have on the menu.

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Supreme Roastworks

Located in the Grünerløkka neighborhood, Supreme Roastworks is one of the most talked about cafes in Oslo. This intimate coffee bar started off as a roastery and in 2013 they decided to also open up a coffee bar. The owner and the head barista Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen is quite famous since he won the 2015 World Brewers Cup at the Nordic World of Coffee in Sweden and the Norwegian Championships in the Brewers Cup category (black coffee). Try their nutty espresso and mingle with young urban hipsters at this lovely coffee bar.


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