What To Do When You Miss A Flight?


What to do when you miss a flight? This day comes to every travel enthusiast’s life when s/he misses a flight. The situation is terrible, you are hurt, you are upset, and you are angry at yourself, but nothing will come out of beating yourself.

No matter how much evil the situation may sound, you can still turn it around inevitably. All you have to do is to pick yourself up, keep yourself together and follow these life-saving tips.

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Shouting and cursing won’t do any good

Yes, you are an idiot to miss a flight but don’t be a moron by yelling at the airlines, this won’t help.

You are in a venerable position and the only people who can help you are on airlines. If you angry them, there is no chance of damage control whatsoever.

Be Tyrion Lannister smart and impress them with your communication skills. Sometimes the airline employs don’t help people because they are rude. Any vacation agency will tell you the same.

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Call The Airline

As soon as you get the idea that you are not going to make the flight, call the airline immediately.

Tell the airlines the reason behind your delay and make them believe that it is because of a natural cause.

Many airlines offer late entry or a seat on next flight when something natural and uncontrollable becomes the reason for the delay.

What to do when you miss a flight?

What to do when you miss a flight?

Trust The Luck

Sometimes when a flight is disrupted because of weather or other immediate factors, some flight companies provide their customers blanket waivers.

As the rule of blanket waiver, the airline will have to give their passengers free ticket to another flight.

Yes, we are calling crazy odds but these things happen, and you might be able to use this clause.  That is why this point is named trust the luck.

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If it is a connecting flight

Never book another flight if you have missed a connecting flight. In this case, first tell the gate agent your problem, tell them how you have missed the flight.

Almost all the major airlines compensate this problem and arrange another flight for the passengers.

Also, call your destined airport for the baggage claim, tell them about the situation. The airport authorities will save and store your luggage so that you can claim it later.

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Check the insurance

If you have the travel insurance, you should thank all the gods, the new and the old ones. Majority of the travel insurance companies reimburse in this kind of situations.

Even if not call them and ask if they can do anything. The travel insurance covers the price of your next flight when the flight is delayed or canceled; they can help you here too.

In the end, don’t lose heart, take it is as an opportunity. Book a cruise by contacting a cruise agency and enjoy the sea instead of the air, who knows what adventure awaits you there?

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