Best Coffee in Stockholm


Did you know that Sweden is one of the top 5 coffee-consuming destinations in the world? Therefore, it’s no wonder that the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is home to a number of cafes, espresso, bars, coffee shops, and baristas. Whether you are after a perfect cup of Americano or need to get your espresso fix, Stockholm has got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best spots to get a perfect cup of coffee in Stockholm.

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  1. Drop Coffee

Travelers who are looking for a reasonably priced machine-made and hand-brewed coffee should definitely check out the amazing Drop Coffee in Stockholm. Linnea Vannesjö is an award-winning barista who is in charge of preparing fully flavored coffee at this lovely coffeehouse. Instead of using the traditional approach to making coffee, she has her own special coffee-roasting techniques that will blow your mind. Drop Coffee is also a great place if you need to get some work done, as they offer free Wi-Fi and have dozens of power sockets.

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  1. Johan & Nyström Concept Store

Located just a short walk from Drop Coffee, Johan & Nyström Concept Store is all about hand-roasted and organic coffee. Their philosophy is that the beans need to be slowly roasted and crafted to perfection. You should expect to pay around 20 SEK for a cup of espresso or cappuccino with oat milk. Their coffee may be a bit on the expensive side, but it’s totally worth it. Johan & Nyström Concept Store also delivers their freshly-brewed coffee to a number of excellent restaurants and cafes in the city.

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  1. Snickarbacken 7

Housed in a 19th-century building with high ceilings, Snickarbacken 7 is a café, store, and an art gallery at the same time. If you are looking for a tasty cup of coffee in Stockholm, you have definitely come to the right place. Besides great coffee, they also have a nice selection of toasts and freshly made ginger juice. You can purchase original coffee in Stockholm from their on-site store.

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  1. Kafé Esaias

In case you wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city center, head out to Vasastan district and have a cup of coffee at Kafe Esaias. They get their beans from Da Matteo roastery, which is considered being the best in all of Sweden. Travelers who wish to have a snack will be pleased to hear that Kafé Esaias offers delicious homemade food including sandwiches and salads made from carefully selected organic ingredients. A cup of espresso will cost you around 25 SEK.

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  1. Konditori Ritorno

Opened up in 1959, Konditori Ritorno is a lovely café in Vasatan that is decorated with big mirrors and old furniture. Unlike other busy coffee shops in the center of Stockholm, this Vasatan joint offers a laid-back atmosphere and serves traditional filtered coffee. Besides a tasty cup of coffee, you can also order the popular cinnamon bun. If you are after an authentic taste of Swedish coffee, Konditori Ritorno is definitely a place worth checking out.

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  1. Fikabaren

Located just south of Folkungagatan, Fikabaren gets their beans from several sources including local roasters like Drop Coffee and Johan & Nyström. They also import coffee beans from places further abroad, which means that you can try both local and International coffee here at Fikabaren. Make sure to try their hand brew coffee. It is truly amazing.


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