Current Guided Tours and Escorted Tours

Weekend In Rome

Superior Cruise and Travel, a KROZ Company, offers independent tours, guided tours and fully escorted tours for our clients. Each offers different benefits for our luxury travelers depending upon your preferences for flexibility, activities, and budget:

Independent tours are ideal for seasoned travelers who value complete flexibility to set their own pace and itinerary. Therefore, this is type of tour requires, you guessed it, independence! Once you have booked the destination with our professional travel advisors. You will receive links to plan your tours and activities as you see fit. This is the most budget friendly choice as it is a completely hands-on approach to your daily activities best suited for those comfortable exploring independently.

Pros: Ultimate control

Cons: Time spent planning and navigating on your own

Guided tours are perfect for balancing flexibility with expert guides. A professional guide leads your small group to top sites, providing context and insider knowledge. Most activities are included in your itinerary, as “on your own” time is scheduled for you too. You have full control of your free time. Thus, this is best suited for our social butterflies. Group sizes will range from 10-50 guests. As a result, making new friends while maintaining a bit of independence is inevitable. Read on to see our popular luxury tours and activities.

Pros: Flexibility and socialization with new travel buddies.

Cons: Set schedule traveling with others outside of your party.

Escorted tours are for clients desiring end-to-end handling of all details. We even pick you up at your home and return you to your doorstep! Your pre-planned itinerary ensures everything is prearranged. With our private escorted tours, you often have the ability to modify on demand while in-destination as you explore your preferences. An expert trip director escorts you throughout your journey providing hands-on services, information, and support. Moreover, fully escorted tours are best for those desiring hassle-free, in-depth local experiences. 

Pros: Simply show up and let the adventure begin; provides the most immersive experience

Cons: Can become cost prohibitive for solo travelers.

Contact us to plan and book your fully escorted, guided or independent luxury travel experience. Our global network of destination management companies and tour operators gives us the ability to offer you the very best for your vacation dollar and experience.