Decoding the Beauty known as Istanbul


Turkey has been uprising as a fantastic tourist spot for quite a while now.

This beautiful city is becoming the first choice for the tourists who want to escape the hustle-bustle of Europe.

Hiring any cruise travel agency and floating around Istanbul is the idea of a great vacation plan now.

Although tourist industry is booming in Turkey and especially in Istanbul, people still don’t know much about it.

This post will be concentrating on the beautiful capital of Turkey, Istanbul.

So, let’s dive into the beauty known as Istanbul.

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Chora Church

Chora Church is a museum, which was a Greek Orthodox Church at the first place that was converted into a mosque.

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The mosque later was converted into a museum and now is a breathtaking attraction.

The museum is a sight for sore eyes. The walls are covered with stunning frescoes and mosaics from the Byzantine times.

The museum has gained fame and name in western tourists soon enough and is now a major attraction of Istanbul.

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Topkapi Palace

Mehmet the Conqueror built this Palace in 15th-century. The museum is an awe-inspiring sight, full of Islamic art.

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Hand-painted tiles in the courtroom, the third court, and the Sacred Safekeeping Room are the something one can’t miss.

There is a massive collection of relics of Prophet Muhammad preserved in the Sacred Safekeeping Room.

If you like gold, palace’s Treasury is the place to visit first. The palace’s Treasury has so much gold; it will make Scorch McDuck, look poor.

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Grand Bazaar

Everyone has to shop when they are on vacation, it is like a tradition, there’s no hiding.

The best place to shop when you are in Istanbul is Grand Bazaar. Annually 91, 250, 00 tourists visit the Bazaar.

You can buy intricately patterned carpets, lanterns, and hand-painted ceramics for this market.

If you are a western tourist, you got to be street smart, bargain a lot and set your first offer very low.

There are many famous ancient eateries in the market too. So, if all the shopping is beating your belly badly, try some of the famous spicy kebabs of Istanbul.

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Blue Mosque

The mosque is not blue from the outside per say. The mosque got its name from the blue colored inner walls.


The mosque was built in between 1609 to 1616. Blue mosque’s famous six minarets were the reason because the seventh minaret was gifted to the Mecca.

The mosque is famous for its marvelous Iznik tiles. To enjoy mosque’s true charm visit the mosque during the evening prayer.

The scenic beauty and the peaceful environment are breathtaking.

Ending Note

So, these are a few places which one cannot miss when s/he is in the capital, Istanbul.

If you are on vacation through any cruise travel agency, you are up for a treat. You will get to enjoy all the major attractions of the city from land and the cruise too.

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Do not forget to read all vital tourism instruction issued by the government of Turkey for an enjoyable stay.

The culture in Turkey is a bit different from the other western countries, so follow the instructions and enjoy your stay.

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