Beer Hubs To Visit in Europe


In general, everyone loves Europe, but there is a special bond between Beer people and Europe and understandably so, too.

Europe has some of the most amazing places for a beer enthusiast, Munich, Amsterdam to name a few.

Germany and Holland both don’t only brew beer, but they live their beer. You must have heard about the famous beer festival of Germany, Oktoberfest.

Amsterdam too has its fair share of beer fame. If you also love beer and are planning to visit Europe anytime sooner, here is a list of Europe’s most famous beer cities.

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Munich, Germany

Munich, the capital of Germany’s Bavaria, is one of the best places in the world to have a beer.

Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest, which is the whole festival dedicated to beer.

Munich is holding this festival since 1810, and it has become a world-famous, legendary event now.

People gather in the city from all over the country and now apparently from all around the globe, just to drink beer.

Famously in 2013, Oktoberfest served 7.7 million liters of beer to its guests. A beer Heaven!

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Amsterdam is the mother city of Heineken, world’s third largest brewers in the world. You can imagine how much beer the town has to offer you.

As per a saying, during medieval times Dutch people used to drink beer more the milk and even water.

Dutch are world leaders in the exportation of beer. A beer lover gets a handful when it comes to the variety of beers in Amsterdam.

However, from all the options, one must try excellent craft beer of the town. Het Uiltje is one such craft beer which you cannot afford to miss.

If you are wondering Het Uiltje means “little owl is flying high,” go fly then!

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Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium is one of the kingpins of the beer industry. Many cities of Belgium is famous for its beer, and every town has something unique to offer.

Antwerp is one such city. Bars in the area have more than 5,000 types of delicious beers on their menus.

So, don’t go for the typical bottled beers you can drink anywhere in the world but try something local.

Most famous beer of the area, Mikkeller 40 Smaragd, is served at the microbrewery named The Kulminator.

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Madrid, Spain

You must have been traveling to Spain’s capital already if you are using any European vacation packages.

Madrid is a lot more than the legendary Real Madrid club de futbol; its beer is equally good.

Although Madrid is new to beer fame, its craft beer is escalating very quickly.

Gone are the days when there were limited beer bars in the city, there are plenty of options for the beer lovers, now.

So, these are four top cities in Europe where every beer lover must visit.

When you travel using any European vacation packages, you may get to visit these cities already.

If not you can always ask them to create a new package through which you can visit the beer hubs too.


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