Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago


Did you know that Chicago is home to one of the largest Italian populations in the United States? Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Windy City is packed with hundreds of authentic Italian restaurants where you can enjoy their excellent cuisine. From meatballs and spaghetti to wood oven- baked pizza, the Italian restaurants in Chicago offer something for everyone. In honor of the Italian food scene in Chicago, we’ve handpicked the best 5 Italian restaurants in the city.

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Sapori Trattoria

If you are visiting Chicago as a part of your luxury vacation package and are craving some fine Italian specialties, make sure to visit the popular Sapori Trattoria. Founded in 2001, this upscale Italian restaurant is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and Chef Anthony is in charge of preparing authentic Italian dishes like the six-hour osso bucco, homemade pasta, lobster-stuffed ravioli, and seafood linguine. The signature dish here at Sapori Trattoria is zuppa di pesce which is basically a portion of over 2 pounds of fresh seafood and shellfish. If you are after an intimate evening with that special someone, this amazing Italian restaurant hosts live jazz music on Tuesdays.

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A superb Italian dining establishment with a unique retro charm, Sabatino’s is a place where servers are outfitted in tuxedos and piano players and violinists are playing soft music. Once you are seated, expect to find old-school leather menus on the tables, as well as some fresh flowers. The menu consists of Italian classics such as Shrimp de Jonghe, saltimbocca in a sage wine sauce, homemade cheese ravioli, and baked Alaska for two. In case you are visiting on Wednesday, their lobster special is definitely worth ordering.

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Coco Pazzo

Every vacation agency in Chicago will tell you how Coco Pazzo is one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago. This Tuscan-inspired fine dining establishment boasts a spacious décor with a certain upscale charm. As for the food, they serve old-school classics like potato gnocchetti with buffalo ricotta, the panna cotta with huckleberry sauce, and roast pancetta-rolled pork loin. Don’t be surprised to see a number of A-list celebrities, as well as some local politicians having dinner here. If there is some space left for dessert, make sure to try the delicious chocolate volcano.

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Nico Osteria

Located in the Gold Coast neighborhood inside the Thompson, Nico Osteria is an authentic Italian seafood restaurant from the famous Paul Kahan who you might know from the One Off Hospitality Group. Guests can look forward to dishes like house-made pasta with seafood specialties, lobster spaghetti, and pristine crudo. They also have a nice bar on-site where you can order something from their extensive Amaro-based cocktail list.

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One of the most famous Italian restaurants in Chicago, Spiaggia is a Michelin starred dining establishment that is well-known for serving traditional Italian specialties like gnocchi in white truffle, homemade pasta with black truffle sauce, burrata, and risotto with John Dory. They also offer a couple of five to eight-course tasting menus, as well as fresh crudos and an extensive wine list. To make things even better, all of the tables are facing the windows and offer spectacular views of the Michigan Avenue.


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