Amsterdam is fondly known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades. It is a small city and as such American visitors could almost explore all of it on a bike ride, public transport or a walking tour. The official language is English and Dutch.

Quite a number of people who haven’t been to Amsterdam have heard of its famous canals. They are certainly worth the view. You have 90 islands connected by 1281 Bridges with 165 waterways that create a seemingly floating city.

On your to-do list should be a canal cruise, a great opportunity to feast your eyes on the city’s typical canal houses from both in and out.

You get to see what you read in your history books, Amsterdam has over 6800 homes and buildings which are protected as monuments and dates back from the 16th century to the 20th century. Amsterdam prides itself as the largest historical city of Europe. The Van Gogh museum houses beautiful paintings by the most famous Dutch artist of all time.

Dam square has some squares packed with cafés, restaurants, and bars but Dam is the biggest and most iconic. At night, all the restaurants and bars within and around this area are busy, sitting outside is an excellent way to watch people and experience the night life at Amsterdam.

The unique tourist site in Amsterdam is The Red Light District, Whatever opinions you have about women being displayed in Windows for sale doesn’t count. You can’t find this anywhere else but remember to keep your phones away because taking pictures are forbidden here otherwise you stand the risk of your phone getting confiscated. Come see for yourself the Red light district. Visit Amsterdam!