Hidden Gems of Traveling


Traveling in the recent times has been shrunk into a few areas, and most of them fall into Europe.

Many people visit Paris or London twice and start calling themselves explorers, this is not exploring. Exploring is something when you push your boundaries and travel the fewer travel places.

Hence, we decided to create a list of cities that one must visit if one believes s/he is an explorer.

Here’s the list

Gems of Traveling

Detroit, USA

Settled by French travelers, this American city is one the fascinating city of United States of America. The city’s never say never attitude can inspire anyone to the soul, the positive vibe it floats is fantastic.

Legendary, Detroit Institute of Arts, Henry Ford Estate, Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History and Historical Ford Wayne are some of the main attractions of Detroit.

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It won’t be a shock if you are reading this word for the first time in your whole life. Except, it was not the case always, Uzbekistan was the favorite city of early travelers and explorers.

Every Explorer must spend a few nights in this beautiful land before entering Asia. Uzbekistan is suspected to boom drastically in coming days, as far as tourism is concerned. The calligraphy and the overall architecture of the country is symbol of perfection.

The reason behind its ever-growing popularity is, it is very safe for the female travelers. The ladies can roam around the city streets without feeling threatened, anytime they want.

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If you have access to travel magazines or read one or two time to time, you must have read that Malta’s capital Valletta is now the capital of culture for Europe.

This small country is doing great in the sector of tourism, so great, that the country’s 15% annual GDP is based on tourism.

The country is famous for its medical tourism. The Capital itself is historically rich and very beautifully built.

Other attractions are the Idyllic Island of Gozo, The ancient hilltop town of Mdina and Prehistoric Tarxien Temples.

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Nagano, Japan

The Japanese town gained its name in the world, after Olympics in 1998 and is again in the headlines for the same reason. Many events of Olympics 2020 will be held here, and that’s why massive improvements are going on in the city.

If you love the snow and low temperatures you will love Nagano. The tiny city is famous for the hot springs, nippy soba noodles, and wildlife.

One also shouldn’t miss the 17th century Matsumoto Castle of Nagano too. It is one of the best-preserved castles of the world.

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Toronto Canada

Canada has been living under the shadow of USA for a long time now, but it all set to entertain the world with its beauty now.

Toronto is the most famous city in Canada and undoubtedly the most beautiful too. The iconic town has a loving populace and a warm, welcoming environment.

The world famous CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma are the main attractions of the city.

Any vacation agency, if you request it, can create a tour around some of these places and if you get the chance, do visit these places.


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