Disney World Hotel Guide


There’s a long list of places to stay during a Disney Word visit, but choosing the right one can be difficult — especially when you’ve never visited and don’t know what to expect. There are a host of Disney World hotels, and Superior Cruise & Travel offers some of the best online discounts for these properties. Each hotel has its own unique advantages, and your Disney World vacation package won’t be complete without it.

During your stay at any of these locations, you can enjoy the fun of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom at your leisure. We’ve rounded up a Disney World Hotel guide complete with a “Personal Experience” section that features a quote from various Disney bloggers. Here are a few notable aspects of some popular Disney World Hotels:

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Perfect for: Families that want to combine tropical-like relaxation with the fun of Disney magic. It’s unique because: It’s got that ideal island feel, complete with relaxing hammocks, island-inspired dishes at Shutters, and the adrenaline-rushing water slides at the pools.

Personal experience: “If you are looking to have some fun outside the parks, look no further than this resort. You can rent surrey bikes and take a ride around the resort on a paved path. You can also plan a guided fishing trip to one of the stocked lakes where you can catch and release until the sun goes down.” —Disney Fanatic

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Disney’s All-Star Resort

Perfect for: Large groups that plan to optimize their park experiences and spend more money on attractions than lodging. It’s unique because: You can walk between all three All-Star properties and explore the large-scale decor and themes implemented in each one (Sports, Music, & Movies).

Personal experience: “If you have time, it’s fun to go look at all the different All Star themes the way only Disney can do them. They also have an arcade and playground that is sure to keep your little ones busy while you catch your breath.” –Disney Fanatic

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Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

Perfect for: Families that want a more intimate hotel experience (this is Disney World’s smallest on-site hotel). These grounds are created to be reminiscent of Southern mansions with winding staircases, intricate details, and finely manicured lawns.

It’s unique because: It has a small-town intimate feel, houses less people, and makes it easier to transport back and forth between Disney parks. This is also the only place where you can grab New Orleans-inspired MickeyBeignets. There’s also the Landscape of Flavors food court, which serves a variety of global flavors. The Jackson Square Gifts & Desires shop also houses items straight from Louisiana. From here, you can also take a ferry boat to Disney Springs Resort).

Personal experience: “The resorts we’ve stayed at in the past were excellent, but I never really had that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Until now.” –Delightful Adventures

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Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Perfect for: Those who can appreciate an island feel and are less concerned with in-your-face Disney characters. It’s close Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and guests will love the Hawaiian style dining and decor.

It’s unique because:  Attend the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show for a full Polynesian cultural experience. Keep an eye out for birds and reptiles — they’re all around the grounds. It also comes with a seaside view of nearby Seven Seas Lagoon, making you feel like you’ve truly stepped on Hawaiian territory.

Personal experience: “Where else can you swim and slide in both the shadow of a volcano and the shade of palm trees?” –Disney Fanatic

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Perfect for: Families who love animals and wildlife. Immerse yourself in African culture with art, dark interiors, roped, safari-like walkways, and one of the most beautiful, well-designed lobbies in all of Disney resorts.

It’s unique because: Well, there’s animals wandering around the lodge. It’s home to 30 species of wildlife, including flamingos, giraffe, and zebras. What could be more unique?

Personal experience: “The balcony and the views of the animals were so much fun that after my husband and I put the kids to bed each night, we would hang out on the balcony, see what animals we could spot and pretend we were on an exotic date.” –Out and About Mom

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Disney’s Grand Floridian

Perfect for: Multi-generational families who seek upscale luxe and charm. Indulgence and elegance are in full force here.

It’s unique because: You might catch a real bride emerging from Cinderella’s carriage, as weddings are popular in this area. It’s also one of the only areas where you can rent an entire cabana. Lastly, the outstanding service and grounds are the icing on the cake.

Personal experience: “Rarely do I allow myself the pure indulgence of laying down the cash for a night stay at this magnificently luxurious resort, but I will always find time to either sit down for a delicious meal at one of their rave-worthy restaurants or simply stroll the pristine property and glory in the majesty of it all.” –How To Disney

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Perfect for: Children and guests who really enjoy all the Disney classics like the Little Mermaid and The Lion King.

It’s unique because: It’s one of Disney’s newer resorts. Every suite has a popular movie theme and special access to the water experience, Blue Pool: a Finding Nemo experience. Highly detailed structures and immersive experiences like the Cozy Cone Pool make it a must for classic Disney lovers.

Personal experience: “Never underestimate the power of standing next to a gigantic Disney icon. The Art of Animation offers four distinct areas that are landscaped and decorated with the thought of putting you right into the movie.” –WDW For Grownups

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Perfect for: Families that love the cabin lodge and Pacific Northwest aesthetic and want to be in decent proximity to everything. The property is reminiscent of a mountain chalet, complete with large boulders and waterfalls.

It’s unique because: Some rooms have a jaw-dropping view of Cinderella’s castle. The Fire Rock Geyser erupts every half hour, and it’s a cool scene to catch. At the Whispering Canyon Cafe, if you ask for ketchup or a drink refill, and expect a fun surprise. A short boat ride takes you to Magic Kingdom. Overall, rustic charm prevails.

Personal experience: “Because Wilderness Lodge is one of the cheaper Deluxe resorts, offers great location, and has quite possibly the best design and best-executed theme of any of the Walt Disney World hotels, it’s an option we almost always consider when booking a trip.” –Disney Tourist Blog

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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campsites

Perfect for: Those who seek value, enjoy the great outdoors, and are looking for a well-rounded Disney experience.

It’s unique because: It’s the only pet-friendly area on Disney grounds. There’s also unique activities on these rustic campgrounds, like horseback riding, archery, and canoeing.

Personal experience: “Set among 750 acres of pine and cypress forest, it blends ‘real Florida’ with the imagination of Disney World.” –Chickery’s Travels

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Perfect for: Groups that want convenience and luxury rolled into one. Even with the magic of Disney World at your disposal, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave Disney’s nautical-themed Yacht Club Resort. Best for groups that don’t have children.

It’s unique because: It’s a short walk from Epcot and has access to a smaller, on-site water park called access to the three-acre Stormalong Bay (complete with a lazy river and sand-bottomed pool). It’s also home to Beaches & Cream, the park’s most unique ice cream parlor (the Kitchen Sink ice cream is topped with an entire can of whipped cream). Lastly, as a deluxe resort, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities, including a full-service gym complete with tennis courts and several high-end table service restaurants.

Personal experience: “Hands down, Stormalong Bay is the best Disney resort pool area.” –Traveling Mom

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