Places You Must See in Europe


 They say the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But believe me, the charm of Europe would get a hold of your eyes.

The epic history of Europe presents itself till date without flaws and withholds the artistic and culinary diversity of those times with grace. The energetic nightlife, alluring coastal regions and elegantly flowing waters of the beaches paint you in the shades of Europe.

The wealth of European culture and beauty can’t be gazed upon in a lifetime. But we have shortlisted the best of Europe for YOU.

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The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

A standalone work of art, the Charles Bridge, is the oldest bridge in Prague. This beautiful stone bridge stands high in the Vltava river of Prague. It perfectly frames the sight of Prague Castle above it to allure the visitors of the scenic beauty of the spot.

Visit the bridge in the morning for a peaceful walk or at night for the romance to flow!

They say what you wish here gets fulfilled, need something?

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The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

The history and art lovers, this one is especially for you!

The most distinctive and complete ancient Greek monumental complex dates back to fifth century BC. It is a testament to the classical spirit and civilization.

The Parthenon, famous temple in the complex is considered to be the most influential buildings in the classical architecture.

Try getting there at night to see the Acropolis at its best, bathed in the golden floodlighting!

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The Atlantic Road, Norway

Ask your vacation agency to take you to the most beautiful journey in the world, and they might land you here!

The Atlantic Road is beyond doubt the most beautiful drive amidst the rocky islands with mountains and inky waters. The river crossings would make your jaw drop in awe.

And you may even get to see whales and dolphins!


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Lake Bled, Slovenia

A trip without adventure is never worth it.

You may end your search for adventure on the Lake Bled in Slovenia. With the beauty of lake to allure you, it also provides energetic pursuits like mountaineering, trekking, ski touring, mountain biking and rafting.

You may SWIM in the lake!

Search for this lake for sure in the European vacation packages before finalizing your dream vacation.

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Venice, Italy

A city with a canal network, marble palaces, green islands and lagoon aquaculture – Venice!

The romantic ambiance of the city would steal your breath for once. Savor oneself with the opera or classical music performance. And the art galleries in Venice would bring contentment to your heart for sure.

Stroll around the Grand Canal, and the marble palaces would give you a feel of another world.

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The Black Beaches of Iceland

Have you seen white waters over the black basalt beaches? No?

But you must. The black beaches of Iceland made of cooled lava flowing into the ocean. It’s not sand but small stones and pebbles that give an artistic view to these black beaches.

The most famous among others is the Reynisfjara Beach that is an art in itself.

So, plan out soon to savor the beauty and ambiance of Europe.

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Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights: A Breathtaking Adventure

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a natural light show that occurs at high latitudes, mainly near the Arctic or Antarctic regions. The phenomenon is caused by the collision of charged particles from the sun with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere, creating beautiful displays of shimmering green, pink, and purple lights in the sky.

The Northern Lights can be seen from places like Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Canada, and Alaska, during the autumn and winter months when the night skies are darker and clearer. The Lights are a mesmerizing and captivating sight, attracting travelers from all across the world.

Apart from its beauty, the Northern Lights also serves a scientific purpose, helping researchers to learn more about the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Overall, the Northern Lights is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

South Pacific Cruise

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