2018 Most Romantic Places For Honeymoon


The year is still young and is already looking more beautiful than the previous year for travelers and tourists.

The world is somewhat stepping towards a happier zone, and the weather is also complimenting.

So, for newly wedded lovebirds we have a list of the most romantic places, ideal destinations for a honeymoon.

Let’s discuss your possible honeymoon destination then, shall we?

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The Maldives is the new Bahamas for the honeymooners. The exotic island’s claim to fame is justified by its magnificent scenic beauty and aquatic sports.

The fact that it is more economical than the rest of the famous tourist destinations in the world provides the Maldives the edge.

Even with all the beauty, it has got, the Maldives is not a very popular tourist destination, yet, which works out well for you.

You will get plenty of privacy on your Honeymoon and will get to spend quality time with your new life partner.

Also, the aqua sports are very famous for the area, snorkeling, surfing, etc. everything is available here.

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Jamaica is the most exciting place anyone can choose for a honeymoon. There are plenty of things and attractions to enjoy, especially spooky ones.

So, if your better half and you have a knack for a little uncanny in the woods this place was discovered for you.

However, it has something for the water lovers too. The Blue Lagoon, Dunn’s River Falls and The Black River all are excellent places to visit with remarkable history clinging on to it.

The beaches of Jamaica have the powers of spellbinding one, beware, you may fall in love with the island.

Many cruises are available to Jamaica too, get in touch with any cruise travel agency to get further details.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another island that is becoming famous for its tropical climate and wildlife. Exchange rates in Sri Lanka are also excellent. One USD is equal to little over 156 Sri Lankan Rupee.

Hear, hear, wildlife lovers Sri Lanka has the largest concentration of Leopards in the whole world. The fantastic island also has about 6000 wild elephants, and most of them are friendly.

You guys could enjoy the Dutch colonial architecture in Galle, which is by the by the best place on the island for shopping too.

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People possibly found about Amsterdam from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. It is as impressive as it was described in the movie.

Amsterdam is another economic destination for the newly wedded couples. What makes it more perfect for the newly married is the city’s history, sophistication, and the environment.

Most of the European vacation packages cover Amsterdam in too, go through them and choose wisely.

Concluding words

The honeymoon is that particular time which you will remember for the rest of your life, make sure it is perfect.

If you have the budget spend a few bucks over the bar to make your partner happy, isn’t life is all about happiness only?

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