The Road Less Taken: Antarctica


When was the last time you heard someone saying I am going to Antarctica this week? This is not a very usual phrase, is it?

And this is because people aren’t aware of the fact that you can have so much fun at Antarctica. Antarctica is a magical place which can make anyone fall in love.

Yes, Antarctica is a chilly place, and it is tough to explore, but isn’t this is what we explorers look for?

Conversely, if you need more reasons to go to Antarctica:

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Bransfield House

Antarctica has been governed by seven countries currently, and England is one of them. England successfully restored a station building in 1996, and since then it has been operated as a post office and a museum.

The full-length portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the back of the gift shop door is also famous. Why? Because it used to have an all-male staff.

Only 60 persons are allowed to visit the place at a time, and only 350 people can visit it in a day. Keeping that in mind before going to the place is good.

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The Wildlife

The wildlife of Antarctica is very tempting and soul pleasing. It is safe to say that the Antarctic wildlife is the cutest in the whole world.

The chief attraction or cover face of Antarctic wildlife is its Penguins. You can find various kinds of penguins at a different part of the continent.

Whales, Seals, Snow Petrels, Blue-eyed shags and Arctic tern are also very famous among the wildlife lovers.

If and when you are at Antarctica, there is no way you can miss that. Go meet these friendly guys and don’t forget to take your camera with you.

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The Ice Cold Kayaking

Kayaking is fantastic in any waters, but it is fantastic at Antarctica, where one splash of water will make you feel alive.

Can you imagine how much happiness and joy it will bring you when the penguins will accompany you and seals will smile at you from the water?

You will paddle dodging the tiny icebergs and brash ice. It is an experience of a lifetime.


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The Deception Island

The Deception Island is one of the most amazing miracles of nature. It is for sure the safest harbor on the whole Antarctica.

It used to be an old whaling station back in the days. The ancient hunting weaponry can still be spotted around the island, the boilers, whale bones, and everything.

How is it a miracle? It is an active volcano, now. Fascinating! Isn’t it? How can something so cold hide something so hot inside?

Outstandingly weird!

That’s All Folks  

That’s all folks these are a few significant attractions because of which you should visit this great land called Antarctica.

The area is so fantastic that the beauty cannot be expressed in the words.

The joy of waking up with the sound of birds and penguins and seeing a whale shooting out of the water while making a quick rainbow can only be experienced.

Search travel agencies near me on the internet and book a vacation at Antarctica, now!

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