Art and Culture Rich Countries in Europe


The whole world looks forward to the art and culture-laden Europe!

This continent is a perfect tourist destination, having an amalgamation of scenic beauty and adventure for all. Also, the history, art, and culture have been preserved in Europe since ages, and they continue to attract the tourists from across the world and from all walks of life.

Here’s a guide to the art and culture-rich countries in Europe!

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The architectural layouts and the historical preservations make this country a hub for the art and culture lovers.

Salzburg and Vienna are the most looked for cities of Austria and have been included in the list of the World Heritage Sites. The mesmerizing art and artifacts and the preserved cultural diversity are capable of leaving the visitors in awe.

Don’t forget to visit the traditional cafes and the royal castles and museums when on a visit to Austria!

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Anyone can imagine the significance of art and culture in a country where it is taken care of straight away by the government itself.

The national art gallery, Statens Museum for Kunst, is laden with the mesmerizing Danish and international paintings. The churches and the museums are well maintained and have preserved great works to showcase and be proud of.

Home to the most elegant contemporary designs of the world, Denmark also has numerous manor houses, Viking treasures, etc. to be cherished on your visit to this beautiful place.

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Heard of Belgium’s famous cartoon and comic character representations?

This diversely-cultured land is home to comic and cartoon series with distinct and standing-out artwork.

From the Fine Art Museums to the performing art like the music and literature, this country outshines many in this field. The folklore for the Belgium people holds great regard and is even cherished by the tourists and the visitors.

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Many renowned artists and the inspiration for their work come from this beautiful country, Netherlands.

With a gist of World Heritage sites, one of them being the windmills of Kinderdijk, this country exhibits enormous love for the arts and the artifacts. The world-class museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are situated in the Netherlands.

It is a must-visit country, for the cultural and artistic richness that it possesses, and also for the beauty that it holds. If the budget is an issue, you may consult some cheap travel agents in your locality to be at this wonderful place.

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Widely known for the exhibitions and museums, Luxembourg is also famous for the architecture and the fortifications. Various shows and festivals are also held in Luxembourg.

Every art form in Luxembourg is multi-lingual. The museums, theatres, etc. showcase different arts in different languages. The cultural and lingual diversity is seen clearly in various arts and cultural performances.

Ask your vacation agency to arrange the Luxembourg Card for you that gives the cardholder access to more than 60 cultural and tourist attractions.

Europe is diverse regarding the culture that it represents and it proudly showcases what all it holds!

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