Luxury Caribbean Vacation Packages

The Caribbean region includes the Caribbean Sea and all the island pads located at the south east of the Gulf of Mexico and the American islands. The region consists of more than 700 islands.

The Caribbean Island is home to beautiful white sand beaches with a warm and calm season. Many islands offer water sports and snorkeling where you can head into these waters to be up close and personal with sea corals and turtles. Grande Anse in Grenada, Pink Sands in the Bahamas and Mullins Beach in Barbados are great recommendations for tourists seeking the warmth of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean offers a great variety of food and drinks that have gained popularity around the world. There is a host of local favorite meals like lechón from Puerto Rico and goat stew from the likes of Cayman islands. The sea food is great and comes directly from the Azure Sea, not leaving out the flying fish or grouper while in Barbados. The wines and spirits are not to be left out, take the opportunity to sample various meals, sea foods and wines when you visit.

There is plenty of Wildlife to see in the Caribbean. The species of wildlife in the Caribbean is exotic and quite exceptional. There are a variety of mammals, rare birds, Marine life and unusual insects. It’s easy to identify turtles in the waters or see whales and dolphins jumping up above the water waves during boat trips. Bird lovers can indulge in watching toucans, Gonzales and wattled jacana flying very high, while capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys, and many more others can be found amongst the lush tropical forest.

The Islands play host to a variety of Resorts for luxury vacations and getaways. On arrival, some resorts pair guests with a personal assistant that tends to your needs by showing you round the islands, suggesting tour destinations and ensuring you have an amazing time.