Guide to Cabaret Shows in Paris


Watching a French cabaret show in Paris is one of the city’s highlights. Paris has some excellent choices for cabarets and watching a show is a great way to have fun in Paris at night. A cabaret show is an evening full of entertainment, fun and festive atmosphere. Drinking and smoking are allowed all night long and cabaret dinners are delicious, extravagant affairs. The shows are elaborate musical productions with costumes, orchestra, and dancing. Most of the shows include the French Cancan dance, a lively and energetic dance full of high kicks and jumps.Cabaret shows are solely for adults and an excellent way to experience the famous Parisian culture. Here are some popular cabaret shows that are extremely popular with tourists:

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Le Lido

Le Lido Paris is the city’s most spectacular cabaret show. The most popular way to attend the show is to buy tickets for the show and accompanying champagne dinner. The Le Lido cabaret show is a beautifully choreographed traditional burlesque show with graceful dancers in topless, bold, and dramatic costumes. The glamorous Paris Merveilles show is a breathtaking ode to Paris.


Le Moulin Rouge

Le Moulin Rouge is Paris’s most well-known cabaret show partly due to the movie of the same name, starring Nicole Kidman. The red building where the cabaret show is located is among most photographed and Instagrammed Parisian buildings. The gifted Doriss Dancers in flamboyant leather and sparkle costumes put on a riveting show for all visitors.

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Le Paradis Latin

Le Cabaret Paradis Latin Paris has the distinction of being founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. This cabaret show is in the Left Bank and located at a convenient distance from Notre Dame. The cabaret show combines circus and acrobatic acts like the unicycle and trapeze artists with dancing andlive singing. This authentic French style cabaret featuringFrench Cancan dance and great food is popular among locals and tourists alike.

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Le Crazy Horse Paris

Le Crazy Horse Paris is a decidedly risqué burlesque show compared to other Parisian cabarets. This tasteful and daring cabaret show is full of fun and creativity. The 90-minute performance is packed with beautiful topless dancers in skimpy outfits, abrilliant display of lights and stunning choreography.The show is highly sensual. Le Crazy Horse Paris is, with good reason, one of the city’s most iconic cabaret shows for adults.

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Au Lapin Agile

Au Lapin Agile, when translated means The Agile Rabbit. This cabaret is located in an iconic pink house in a quiet area in the Montmartre Neighborhood in Paris. This is a very traditional French cabaret with less glamour and more authenticity. The building has paintings by Pablo Picasso and other famous artists who were among earliest patrons of this cabaret show. The acts consist of classic French poetry, ballads and tributes to France, and lots of singing.

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