6 Things to Do in Vienna


The capital city of Austria, Vienna is well-known for its imperial palaces, museums, contemporary buildings, and other historical landmarks. The good news is that a number of agencies offer European vacation packages that include a visit to this artistic city. Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or you wish to visit popular cultural attractions in the city, there are many interesting things to do in Vienna.

Things to Do in Vienna

Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

Originally built in 1696, Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most popular attractions in Vienna. This magnificent palace use to serve as the official residence of the Hapsburg family and a few Austrian emperors were born and raised here. Today, Schönbrunn Palace offers tours that include a visit to some of the most interesting rooms and apartments where Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph, and Franz Karl used to spend their days. Some of the other highlights include the famous Hall of Ceremonies, the Mirror Room, and the Blue Staircase. If the weather is nice, the tour of the lovely gardens that surround the palace is available.

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Explore the Natural History Museum

Exploring the Natural History Museum should definitely be included on your list of things to do in Vienna. This fascinating museum is situated inside a palace complex and houses over 30 million objects and exhibits. There are 39 exhibit halls where you will have an opportunity to see a huge collection of precious stones and minerals, skeletons of animals, various insects and mammals, and much more. The Dinosaur Hall is one of the most interesting places in the museum and there is also a cool Digital Planetarium which is worth visiting.

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Go to the Naschmarkt

Book a vacation with payment installments and head out to the excellent Naschmarkt Market which is located in the Wieden District just south of the Ringstrasse. Open from Monday to Saturday, this lovely market is home to hundreds of vendors who sell everything from fresh fruit and meat to cheese and seafood specialties. Besides various shops, you will also find many food stalls and small eateries where you can sample food and order refreshing drinks.

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Spend an Afternoon at the Prater Amusement Park

This fabulous entertainment park is an ideal tourist destination in Vienna for families with children. There are plenty of activities to choose from including carrousels, scary ghost trains, roller coasters, shooting ranges, waxworks, and so much more. Make sure to go on the amazing Ferris Wheel and have a snack at one of the on-site restaurants and cafes.

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See the Hofburg Palace

Located on the southwestern edge of the Innere Stadt, Hofburg Palace is a giant palatial complex that focuses on the influence of the Habsburg dynasty and houses numerous attractions including the Imperial Apartments where the royal family used to live, Kaiserappartements’ Sisi Museum, Imperial Silver Collection, the Butterfly House, Spanish Riding School, and the Royal Chapel.

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Go on a Tour of the Vienna’s City Hall (Rathaus)

There are many European vacation agencies that include a visit to the Vienna’s City Hall in their program of things to do in Vienna. This Neo-Gothic building was constructed in the 1800’s and serves as the administrative center of the city. It has five towers, as well as an arcaded courtyard which is often used for summer concerts. Guided tours are available on certain days and include a visit to the Schmidt Halle and to the two Grand Staircases which lead to the famous Assembly Hall. During the tour, visitors will also have a chance to see the City Senate Chamber, Heraldic Rooms, and the Mayor’s reception room.

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