Traveling Europe For The First Time

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So your foremost dream of touring Europe is finally going to come true, but are you fully prepared for it?

You have spent many hours with our friends chewing your ears off by their fancy European tales.

However, now that you know all the options have you decided which are the places you going to visit actually.

Majority of the tourists when visits Europe for the first time get confused and end up spending majority of their holidays in trains and plains.

Hence, here are a few points which one should follow for a smooth and trouble-free debut European travel experience.

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Do Not Rush Into It!

You have to be patient and calm when you are traveling to Europe. One cannot rush your way into Europe.


You have to think everything through, the destinations, the flight fares and the hotel fares.

Europe is not a single country or an island, and you cannot see it all on a single vacation.

Circle out your priorities and decide your package from the European vacation packages accordingly.

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Keep a financial backup

Decide the amount you want to spend and always keep a backup, like Alan Harper of two and a half men.

You cannot allow yourself to spend like there is no tomorrow. Europe has the power to turn a man into a spendthrift, but you have to resist that temptation.

The Vine Church

Yes, you are on a vacation, yes are here to loosen up, yet you have a life to live, once this vacation is over.

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Table service is costlier than the bar service

It can come as a surprise to many people. The drinks which you will order at your table will cost you almost double than the one you chug at the bar.


In Europe, they believe comfort and sight scene is everything. So, if you want to sip your drink looking at the sun dipping into the sea, get ready to pay extra.

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You don’t have to tip

Tips in European restaurants are not a necessity. It is not frowned upon if you leave the table without tipping the waiter, unlike North America.

So, you can avoid tipping at every restaurant and save a lot of money. Even, if you have to tip and feel uncomfortable when you don’t, 5 % is a pretty generous tip in Europe.

Most of the restaurants also only serve bottled water, so don’t ask for tap water, your request will be refused.

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The noisy nights

Europe resurrects after the sun goes down and there will be a lot of noise during the night.

So, if your friends want a room where a great ‘view,’ shouts at them and demonstrates how the whole night is going to be, Europe has a host of options.

Although you should get a good night’s sleep to regenerate energy for the next day’s traveling, you can also enjoy crazy European nightlife.

A lot of local festivals in Europe take place at night; one cannot miss that.

Traveling to Europe for the first time is an unexplainable feeling. It is a remarkable experience, and if you follow the tips given above you are all set to rock your holiday.

If you are traveling Europe and are using any travel agency near me, try to get as much information you can from your agent.

Also, you should ask your travel agency or agent to provide free local maps and dictionaries for a better Holiday.

Have a safe journey!

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