Four Weirdest Festivals From Europe


The world sometimes thinks Europe is some mythical utopia, where people do the craziest things and get away with them.

Even the European festivals are as crazy and lively as the whole continent itself is. They love to do strange things.

So, here is a list of four of the weirdest festivals which people are still celebrating.

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Batalla de Vino

When they say Spanish people are weird, they mean, the Spaniards knows how to live. The Batalla de Vino is the first-hand example of the jolly-good nature of Spain.

This is very similar to La Tomatina festival of Bunol. It is people use red wine in Batalla de Vino instead of tomatoes.

People of Haro celebrate this festival in the unpleasantly cold month of June. This is actually the center of attraction for many luxury vacation packages.

The night before the festival people along with their delicious weapons take a guard at the hill and as the sunrise, celebrations begin.

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Castrillo de Murcia

Castrillo de Murcia is another weird and to some people awful. Why? Babies are laid on the road over pillows, and people dressed as devils jump over them.

People all around the world feel this should be banned but Spain, doesn’t care about the world, does it?

The festival is arranged 60 days after the Christian festival Easter. The babies born a year before this festival are the main participants of this festival.

The religious festival has been going around since 1600’s, and not a single injury has been reported, yet.

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L’Ardia di San Costantino

Any talk about crazy Europeans is incomplete without the mention of great Italians. L’Ardia di San Costantino may sound like a typical horse racing festival but is something exciting.

In the horserace, everyone is trying to outrun one guy who is acting as Constantine. The only twist is that Constantine is usually a senior citizen but, he has two flagbearers to help him.

The only rule of the game is that no matter what, Constantine must always win, to renew the tenets of Christianity.

And the flagbearers make sure that Constantine wins, by tooth and nail, literally, they will do anything to make Constantine win.

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Blackening Of The Bride

Almost all around the world, brides will kill the person who would even try to spoil the best day of her life.

However, Scottish people have something a little different to offer. The loved ones and family of the bride gather the bride and the groom too and starts the process of blackening.

Blackening is a not the right word for this tradition, the family will throw anything dirty on the couple, grease, mud, rotten milk, sauces, rotten fruits etc.

The purpose behind this is said to be that this humiliation will prepare the broom and bride for other obstacles of the life, humiliates them now, so they get used to it, in other words.

So, these were the four most weird festivals form the wild land of Europe.

No matter how much awful they sound to you, it is part of their tradition, and they enjoy doing so. Take any European vacation packages and witness them yourself.

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