2018 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations


Beautiful beaches, cabins in the mountains, cities rich with culture – all are great ways to enjoy a new place with your partner and have the dream destination honeymoon that all newlyweds deeply treasure. We have travel ideas for all type of honeymooners; here are some great destinations to celebrate your wedding in 2018.

places for honeymoon

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia that has a stunning number of over the water bungalows and pristine beaches and clear waters. Your Bora Bora destination honeymoon will be the most exclusive and luxurious vacation of your lives.  It will also be the most memorable one and is a great way to start your life together.  You can lower the cost of your Bora Bora honeymoon by traveling off-season and using an affordable financing option like Travel Now Pay Later vacation.

popular honeymoon destinations

Bali, Indonesia

This Asian honeymoon destination is made popular by the successful book and movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Bali has secluded resorts, unexplored stretches of the beach, historic temples, unforgettable sunsets and beautiful mountain ranges. A Bali honeymoon is tailor-made for romance seekers.

romantic honeymoon destinations

Venice, Italy

Venice has been always popular with lovers, romantic newlyweds, and honeymooners of all ages. Riding in a gondola through the Grand Canal and viewing the historic buildings of Venice is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Venice. Other couple activities for Venice Destination Honeymoon include strolling hand in hand through the Piazza, admiring architecture of Venice’s famous structures and having a cozy meal in one of the local eateries.

top honeymoon destinations

Santorini, Greece

The many Grecian islands have always been the top choice for European honeymooners but they are recently becoming more popular with Americans as well, in part due to cheap European flights. Mykonos, Cyclades, Crete, and Milos all draw their fair share of visitors but it is Santorini with its white-washed buildings and blue domes that is the choice destination for all travelers. The wine culture of Santorini is an added attraction for most honeymooners.

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is perfect for an elopement or destination wedding and a honeymoon. Las Vegas honeymoon is perfect for couples who want an activity-packed, exciting honeymoon. There are so many things to do in Sin City including concerts, stunning casinos, romantic fountain shows at the Bellagio, panoramic views of the city atop Eiffel Tower, and Michelin-starred buffets that every moment you spend in the city will be special.

unique honeymoon destinations

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect adventure honeymoon destination. The tiny country has many incredible beaches on two coasts – one lining the Pacific Ocean and other lining theCaribbean Sea and an interior full of lush rainforests, volcanic mountains with active volcanoes and variety of wildlife. Costa Rica is perfect for the adventurous at heart – zip lining, quad biking, and hiking are some of the most popular activities.

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