Unfurling the Grandiose Buenos Aries, Argentina


So you are ready to do the Tango in Buenos Aries, right? The exotic dance form was gifted to the world by Argentina, so if you didn’t know that already, well, you do now.

Buenos Aries is the most visited city, not only of Argentina but the whole South America. The city is the economic and cultural hub of Argentina. You can find it at the cover of any vacation agency in Argentina.

The city is somewhat one of a kind in the whole country. Buenos Aries is the capital of Argentina and obviously is far more advanced than the rest of the country. The city has so many things that it may look like a little maze to you.

To ease the hassle, here are some key places which you should mark as priorities while traveling to the city.

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Caminito is one of the most vibrant streets in the city. It is a right place if you are fond of street artists and art.

The street is, for most of the day, filled with the artists and some of them are good.

Another fascinating fact about Caminito is that the street was the source of inspiration for the famous tango, “Caminito.”

However, it wasn’t a street always; it used to be a stream. The water dried out and the government laid train tracks on the road; they used it for few years. However, they removed the tracks too, and all we have is this joyous street in our hands.

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The Metropolitan Cathedral

Argentina’s most famous Catholic church, The Metropolitan Cathedral, is where Pope Francis used to do ‘mass’ before going to the Vatican. Although the building makes it look like a Greek temple, it indeed is a Catholic church.

The building has been redesigned for seven times ever since it was constructed first in 1593.The First chapel used to be on the same site, which makes the Cathedral even more interesting than it already is.

As for now, the Cathedral has been turned into a Pope Francis museum. You can visit and witness his individual and liturgical objects in here.

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Teatro Colon

If you are wondering what it is, well it used to be world’s largest opera house, until 1973 when Australia’s Sydney Opera House came into existence.

Many art lovers from all around the world visit Argentina just to see Teatro Colon. The massive theatre has 2500 seats, and 1000 people can stand in the house at a time.

Some people do criticize the Opera house for its eclectic design, but this is what you get when multiple architects design a building.

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The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Buenos Aries is famous for its art, and there is nothing better to get in touch with a city’s art than a museum.

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is very famous among the tourists for two main reasons. One, it has the most amazing art from all around the country and from Europe too and two, because it is free.

The museum was opened at the end of 19th century and is a must visit.

Ending note

There are many other places which may attract an eye or two, but you sure cannot miss the ones mentioned above.

Don’t forget to learn basic impressions and questions in the native tongue of any city you are traveling to in the case of emergency.

Exchange rates are great here so, booking cheap travel agents can be a better idea than roaming around without a clue.

Dream big and Stay Wild!

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