Top 5 Europe Cities for Tourists

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Once in a lifetime, everyone, for a fact has dreamt about going to Europe.

Dazzling artistic beauty, epic architecture, iconic cities and mesmerizing scenic beauty, Europe is what fairy tales are made up.

The continent boasts a wealth of attractions and experiences for travelers, which makes it quite unmanageable to explore during a single vacation.

Travel Europe better with this curated list of top five cities you must not miss adding in your European vacation package.

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Barcelona, Spain

Europe is the land of football. It will be utterly unfair to the gods of the game if you don’t visit the Mecca of football, Barcelona.

Apart from football, Barcelona is also a city of beautiful beaches with enchanting seaside views, abundant cultural diversity and fabled architecture.

Barcelona has its fair share of live music halls too, visit any of those and bathe into the spring of music.

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Berlin, Germany  

Now that the Nazis are gone, Germany is one of the most prominent tourists local in Europe. The capital Berlin is brimming with history, both negative and positive.

Topograpie des Terros is a museum which has been visited the most number of times by international tourists.

People say it helps them understand the reason behind the holocaust and WW II.

Then there is Berlin TV Tower, one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. It is the tallest building in Germany, which is made of steel and has a revolving restaurant.

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Budapest, Hungary

Another capital, yes, Budapest is the capital of Hungary and for a fact is the most populated city in the country.

This historic city is full of scenic beauty; its architecture is world famous. A walking tour is essential to enjoy the buildings thoroughly.

Budapest Opera House is bliss for the music lovers and is furthermore an excellent example of world-class architecture.

If you happen to be in the city when someone famous is playing, there are recommendations for a visit.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is best known for its hills and castles.

Berardo Museum of the city is quite eminent featuring Europe’s best art. You can admire the works of some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen like Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Dali.

Sao Rogue Church of Lisbon is another magnificent place to visit if you are in Lisbon. It is the world’s most expensive church and has some of the best gold art.

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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is the most significant city of Scotland and fourth most visited city in the United Kingdom. Glasgow Cathedral is a well-liked destination as far as the tourism is concerned. Handsome Victorian buildings combine with edgy urbanity makes Glasgow intriguing metropolises.

Scotland’s Scotch is applauded all around the globe, so it only makes sense to see how they prepare it. They even offer visitors some complimentary shots according to the word in the market.

Europe holds limitless possibilities for travel lovers across the globe. All you need to do is book a European Vacation Package that blends well with your interests.

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