The Greatest Seaside Escapes in Europe


To some, it’s just water. And to others, it’s where they regain their sanity!

Europe is known majorly for the cultural diversity and art that it holds, but even the wilderness of its waves is not unknown. Europe is blessed with beautiful islands and beaches and a lovely ambiance to get a hold of the tourists from across the globe.

We all have our likings and disliking. But if you are from amongst those who have an immense love for the sea and the shore, this post is definitely for you!

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Santorini, Greece

The dreams live in blue and white!

The Santorini’s dreamlike landscapes and satiating sunsets are one of their kinds. The island is a renowned honeymoon destination owing to the beauty and the romantic vibes that it holds.

The submerged caldera and the lava-encircled cliffs are beautiful enough to make you fall in love with the place. Also, the village of Oia on the northern tip of this lovely island makes the beautiful sunset look mesmerizing.

To the East of this island, one can have a glance of black sand beaches that are an art in itself.

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San Sebastian, Spain

The golden beaches couldn’t have been more beautiful!

The San Sebastian is known for its dining set-ups and for the beautiful seashores that it owns. The white sand and elegance in water make your heart dive into the sea of peace.

You may even set for some adventure. People visit an island nearby called Santa Clara by swimming. Or you may lay on the beach side and enjoy the vibes traversing by. The sophistication that these beaches reflect is worth a glance.

Don’t forget to eat around as this place is known for the flavors that it serves!

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

A stretch of 30 minutes but an experience for a lifetime!

The scenic beaches, quiet coastal areas, and beautiful villas and gardens, such is the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi coast seems to be painted in different colors for the tourists to cherish. It is the reason all the European travel packages have this beautiful place enlisted in them.

This place also offers hiking opportunities, and the trails are marked to take you far in the world of grace. The mountains on the sides and piercing down into the waters showcase an incredible view.

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 Corsica, France

Wildness and beauty preserved since ages!

The natural heritage is what Corsica is known for. The serene waters and the high altitude mountains come together to showcase the beauty that nature can withhold.

The green oaks, chestnut, and the pines give a more character to the side-lane forests. Also, the seafood and wines of this place are undoubtedly dire love.

The most visited island of the group, Île Lavezzi, is having beautiful natural pools and swimming holes for the more water-friendly souls.

Europe is a lovely destination to set out for the Seaside escapes. Contact your vacation agency to arrange a visit to these attractive seaside destinations soon.

As sometimes all you need is an escape!

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