Following The Footsteps Of GOT Cast


Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? What is there not to love? Dragons, wars, romance, drama, hot chicks, it has got everything.

The most popular show after F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones is a bouquet of everything sweet and sweaty there ever is.

When people say GOT fans are crazy, you better believe it. However, if you yourself are the crazy dude, pick up a notebook, you are going to prove your craze.

We have gathered all the significant places where Game of Thrones is shot, and you are going there this summer. Google all-inclusive cruises now and find original details, for no further delays.

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Every place in GOT is loved by viewers equally, but Braavos is the most loved kingdom of the tremendous show. Some fans say they love Braavos more than the mighty Winterfell itself.

One of the biggest banking centers of GOT world is the medieval town of Sibenik located in Croatia.

Sibenik is world famous for its UNESCO world heritage site, Saint James Cathedral and yes you are right this is where the Iron Bank of Braavos is showed in the show.

St. Nicholas Fortress, Krka National Park, and the Count’s palace are other major attractions of the city.

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Other Side Of The Wall

Remember how the wet nurse Old Nan, tells Bran Stark describes winters and northern side of the wall? Honestly, that much snow will drive anyone crazy.

While the northern part of Westeros has no particular name in the books or the TV show, it has one in the real world; Vatnajokull.

Vatnajokull is positioned in the south-eastern parts of Iceland. Whenever you see a lot of snow in the show, the scene is shot at Vatnajokull.

Remember the place where Ygritte found out what the only thing Jon Snow knows is? The thermal spring is one the most attractive area of Iceland.

The thermal spring can be found in Grjotagja.

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From the very first episode of the prolific series, the castle of Winterfell takes our breath away. Many wondered from the very first day, where was it shot?

We have the answer; it was shot in two different places, Doune Castle of Scotland and Castle Ward of Country Down, Northern Ireland.

Both countries have many other gothic castles darted around the map, where you can go and feel royal again.

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Even the softest of the hearts enjoyed the cruel death of King Joffrey which gave us all an everlasting peace.

An Instagrammer named Andrea David has found the place where this blissful event took place. The purple wedding was filmed at Park Gradac of Dubrovnik.

You won’t recognize the place without the whole setting, because the frame was fully loaded to depict a wedding scene.

So, hiring one of the many cheap travel agents, in Dubrovnik is not a bad idea.

These are the four most significant places where vital parts of the television series Game of Thrones were shot.

The show uses these places time to times even now. With the final season coming next year we can expect people to flood these places in anticipation of having a peek at their favorite stars once before that.

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