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All Inclusive cruises are becoming increasingly popular because of their book and relax nature. Compared to traditional cruises, all-inclusive cruise travelers don’t have to pay out of pocket for drinks, gourmet meals, entertainment options and extra activities. All inclusive cruises cover most extra charges including drinks, tips,Wi-Fi, and excursions and customers know exactly what they are signing up for when they book an all-inclusive cruise deal. These cruises are like luxury vacation packages where travelers don’t have to worry about the bill at the end of the trip. Here are some of the most affordable destinations for all-inclusive cruises:

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The Bahamas

Bahamas all-inclusive cruises are usually short and hence, affordable. Bahamas cruises can often be completed within a weekend making them more appealing. Bahamas all-inclusive cruises sometimes even cover pre- or post-cruise hotel stays. These cruises are perfect to relax on the pristine white sand beaches of the Bahamas. Cruise visitors can enjoy the calm waters and water sports including snorkeling, jet skiing and sailing when they book these luxury vacation packages. Most Bahamas all-inclusive cruises start from Miami and travel to Nassau with popular stops along the way.

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The Caribbean

Caribbean all-inclusive cruises are popular for a variety of reasons – great cruise deals, popular cruise lines, fun itineraries and tropical weather. Cruise visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on these all-inclusive cruises. Off-shore activities on the Caribbean Islands often include beautiful rain forests, hiking, and snorkeling among abundant sea life and corals. All-inclusive itineraries that include Cozumel, have the added attraction of ancient ruins. Eastern Caribbean cruises often visit the islands of St. Maarten and Puerto Rico – known for their shopping and culture.

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The Mediterranean

Mediterranean all-inclusive cruises are diverse, often involve a longer itinerary and are often cheaper than land-based luxury vacation packages to explore the continent. These cruises offer a variety of activities to travelers from soaking up the sun on best Mediterranean beaches to shore excursions to unexplored ruins, beautiful European architecture,a nd Renaissance artwork. Mediterranean all-inclusive cruises have the added attraction of exotic drinks and cuisines from Spanish tapas, Italian wines and pasta, French pastries and Grecian delicacies. Mediterranean all-inclusive cruises are the best option for discerning travelers to explore the best that Europe has to offer in ultimate luxury.

All Inclusive Cruises are great for couples on their honeymoon or those looking for romantic getaways. Compared to other luxury vacation packages, all-inclusive cruises do not involve any planning and are popular for their relaxed ambiance. As a result, they are also popular with traveling families and older couples who want to see the world. Superior Cruise & Travel finds and books the best all-inclusive cruises for travelers.

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