Traveling Hawaii on a Strict Budget


With the word Hawaii, beautiful women wearing flower jewelry, doing the hula comes to mind. The white sand beaches, the beautiful green lands and vacationers everywhere, ‘this is life’ one will think.

Just like every great thing, this piece of magic also comes at a price. Traveling to Hawaii can burn a bigger hole in your pocket than you have imagined.

Thus, that is why we come up with this piece of work, where you can learn how to vacation in Hawaii without jolting your budget.

Let’s discuss then.

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Camp Your Way In

On the whole, there are just two significant expenses when it comes to holidays, accommodation and flights. The best thing about Hawaii is that it is safe you can bring your own sleeping bags and sleep in any park.

After getting a permit worth 20 bucks, you are good to sleep in various parks. A safer option is renting a tent house, which will cost you around 50-60 dollars give and take.

Hawaiians are also renting out their homes and rooms to the tourists too. This is also a cheaper alternative to hotels.

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A smart traveler always compares the prices before buying tickets, be smart. So, when you are in Hawaii, planning a fun activity, like helicopter tour, don’t grab the first offer you get. Explore the city and your options; there will be many.

Most of the activities without any deals typically will cost you 150 dollars per person, that’s insane!

You can find people throwing all kind of deals for Hawaiian activities your way in the streets. You will notice numerous activity booths on the streets.

Don’t approach them, let them approach you, bargain a bit and you will get what you wanted, only more economical.

You can also look for cheap travel agents of Hawaii, for better deals.

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Use Travel Points

No matter you travel a lot or not, if you use a credit card, you must have some travel points on your card. Most of the people don’t even know they have travel points.

So, if you have a credit card and travel points in it, save them for Hawaii. Use them to book flights, cars, and hotel rooms, if possible.

People are saving a generous amount of money thanks to this point, at times 50% of the actual cost.

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Look For Free Activities

There are plenty of free activities that one can do for free. The beaches, the parks, some excellent museums and plenty of sightseeing, all are free of cost, see them.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend at all on the activities, draw a blueprint. If you are in Hawaii for a week, assign three days to paid attractions and four to free. This way you will have fun without breaking your piggy bank.

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Eat cheap

Just like the attractions, choose how many fancy meals your budget can bear? Eat accordingly and save the money by eating rest of the meals at local restaurants and famous food-trucks.

You should also dodge the expensive wines and other hard drinks, get drunk on the nature for some days and enjoy this beautiful land.

Happy Traveling!

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