Smart Ways To Affordable Europe Travels


Whenever in a conversation, traveling to Europe comes up; reference of the movie Euro trip comes up too.

Although it was very unusual for four kids to travel Europe at that time, because of the higher exchange rates. It looks like an achievable target now.

Euro is getting cheaper in the market as compared to the USD and the travelers simply love it.

But, traveling to Europe still can be expensive, mostly, because of its transportation and accommodation.


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Book in advance

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Booking your flights and hotel rooms as soon as your trip is finalized can pay you well.

For instance, if you book at three months before your trip’s date, you can save up to 100 US dollars per ticket.

Same goes for your hotel bookings; many European hotels would offer you hefty discounts if you book in advance.

Economical travel agents

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You will have to do some research on this one. Google ‘cheap travel agents’ and you will get a massive list of travel agents which can help you roam Europe in the budget.

One can confirm one’s budget and travel agents will offer him/her a tourist package accordingly.

You should seriously consider this option. Most of the travel agents have secret bonds with hotels which can help you get a cheaper room.

The sky is surely the limit.

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The Indian Express

Air travels in Europe can cost you a future, even if you are not going very far. Better and cheaper alternatives are buses, metros and, ships.

Knowing the metro system well will help you, even more; it will save your time and your money.

If you are planning to use taxis, don’t taxis are expensive. Buy a 3-day public transport pass as you arrive in Europe.

The pass will help you travel way cheaper than single tickets.

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Hostel, not Hotel!

The movie might have scared the combination of hostels and Europe, but it was fictional only. Hostels are very inexpensive and customer friendly.

Not only you will save money, with many hostels offering common kitchens, you can also cook your food.

Plus, in hostels, you will meet a lot of fellow travelers.  You can gain ample of valuable information from the travelers, like cheap eateries, cheap markets, etc.

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Avoid the summers

You will be amazed, how much you can save just by not traveling Europe in summers.

Drinking, transportation, accommodation, rates of every single thing shoot in Europe as hot winds enter the continent.

So, it is better to avoid Europe in summers

These were some tips that can help you travel grand Europe on a tight budget.

Europe is a dream destination, and no one wants to miss out on all the fun. It doesn’t mean you cannot save a buck or two, especially when you can.

Because it is a top tourist destination, many things in Europe are overrated. If you are smart and know how much to spend on a particular thing you are good to go.

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