Jamaica The Island Of Beauty

Posted by SC&T on 20th April, 2018

Jamaica used to be the most favorite holiday destination for many millennial until the turn of this century. From early 2000’s the name of Jamaica in the skies of tourism faded somewhat.

Nonetheless, the experts are confident that mysterious Jamaica will turn around this tourism drought. So, let’s discuss what those places which can bring back the glorified past of the land of reggae are.

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Blue Lagoon

You must have been clapping like an otter to see a movie’s name on a travel blog. However, we are discussing the place not the film.

The blue hole or as it is known now Blue Lagoon is at the Port Antonio. People come here to see the impressive water and the luxuriant greenery.

Why the water? It changes color throughout the day. The water here is a mixture of seawater and natural freshwater springs.

Locals used to think that the Blue Lagoon is bottomless, but as per recent studies, it is factually 180-200 meter deep.

Locals also believed that these waters are a gigantic Dragon, swim carefully! Almost all the luxury vacation packages include this site in their tour.

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Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House, is a haunted house, first the dragon now the ghost? Isn’t it great? History dictates that this place belonged to a cruel mistress named Annie Palmer.

Now, Annie Palmer was noxiously cruel to slaves, and she allegedly killed her three husbands too. Locals call her the “the white witch.”

Now, the whole establishment is very well preserved and also offers spooky tours of the palace at nights.

If you are little allergic to the whole paranormal stuff, then you can also take the day tour of Rose Hall Great House.

Villagers say Annie’s voice can still be heard at Sugarcane fields; spooky isn’t it?

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Dunn’s River Falls

One of the most photographic places on the planet earth, Dunn’s river falls are indeed in Jamaica.

It is so awesome that the place was featured in James Bond movie Dr. No. The water kind of flows through big leaps of mountains and falls into the sea. Heaven is real!

According to a local tale, the famous battle for the possession of island was fought here in 1657 between, Brits and Spaniards.

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The Black River

If you are searching for a place where you can meditate and where no one will disturb you, seek no more. Black River is the most attractive and peaceful place on the island.

Take a boat ride of the river to see out of the ordinary birds and various animals in their most natural lifestyles.

You can witness Jamaican crocodiles, crabs, shrimps and many other pure Jamaican animals in and around the waters.

Ending words

Jamaica is a great place to be at for a vacation, and there cannot be a better a time to spend one there. The prices are down and clumsy due to lesser tourists.

If you Google travel agency near me, you will get a long list of agencies that will offer you a cheap and best tour of this amazing island called Jamaica.

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