Jordanian Honeymoon Destinations For Nature Lovers


Jordanian is an ideal place to engage with nature and indulge in adventure travel activities. Due to its location in the Middle-East, Jordan is an underrated honeymoon destination. However, Jordan is an extremely safe country to visit for all kinds of travelers and offers plenty of things to do for couples on their honeymoon.

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Ajloun Forest Reserve

Ajloun Forest Reserve located in north-west Jordan is great to start your nature honeymoon in Jordan. The reserve covers a small area and is dominated by evergreen oak and pine among other trees. There are many romantic hotels and bed and breakfasts near the reserve. Ruins of Jerash and Ajloun castle are excellent day trips from the reserve.

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Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is called the ‘Grand Canyon of Jordan’ and is perfect for a soft adventure destination honeymoon. Wadi Mujib is carved by the Wadi MujibRiver in Jordan that drains into the Dead Sea. The river creates a dramatic nature reserve as in carves its path into the mountains. The gorges and canyons of Wadi Mujib are located below sea-level. Honeymooning couples can hike through the reserve and have a thrilling time in the narrows and towering cliffs of the canyon. The hike goes through waterfalls and offers rappelling and swimming opportunities.

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Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan’s largest biosphere reserve and has incredible biodiversity which is perfect for nature destination honeymoon seekers. The reserve includes spectacular mountains, sand dunes, and canyons and is home to a great variety of wildlife. Many of the plants and animals found in Wadi Mujib are very rare including the Nubian Ibex and the Caracal. Other animals encountered include goat and sheep, donkeys, and camels.

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Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the red rock desert in southern Jordan. Wadi Rum is the perfect place to enjoy an otherworldly destination honeymoonin thered sand desert landscape, majestic mountains,and utter desolation. Bedouin camp villages in Wadi Rum specially cater to honeymooning couples with luxury glamping accommodations, candle-lit paths, and delicious meals.

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Honeymooners in Petra are privy to majestic Nabatean and Roman ruinsof this celebrated world wonder. Petra is a UNESCO world heritage site and has beautiful buildings including the Treasury, Monastery, Roman amphitheater, and colonnaded streets. Petra has numerous hiking opportunities which allow visitors to get away from the crowds and enjoy the sandstone cliffs and carved ruins.

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Aqaba is the perfect destination honeymoon for snorkelers and scuba divers. Aqaba is Jordan’s coastal town adjacent to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea and is a paradise for lovers of water sports. Honeymooners can stay in one of the pretty snorkeling resorts surrounding the coast and experience the varied sea life in the Gulf of Aqaba. Beautiful reefs, shipwrecks, avariety of fishesand intricate corals abound in the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba.

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