Puerto Rico Vacation Packages

Puerto Rico is one of the archipelagic Caribbean island located in the north east Caribbean sea of the US. It’s official language is Spanish and English. If you are thinking of a destination vacation, Puerto Rico has virtually everything you will desire in a Caribbean destination.

San Juan is arguably one of the best places to start exploring the uniqueness and quality of the Puerto Rican Islands.

Most getaway destinations tag themselves as an Adventure travel destination, but none of them lives up to its name like Puerto Rico. You can try zip lining at Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovi. They have one of the best zip lining views, and this sport can be a great adrenaline boost. The Toro Verde has the longest zip line in the World (7,234 feet).

One of the most-visited beaches in Puerto Rico is the Bio-luminescent Bay in Fajardo, where you see glowing plankton in the water sometimes. These organisms respond to any movement, instantly illuminating the darting fish or the oar of the kayak. Floating along the mangroves with bio Puerto Rico Vacation Packages luminescent lights appearing below like thousands of wet stars is something that can only be gotten at Puerto Rico. Culebra and Vieques islands, reachable either by a boat or a short flight from the main island, have unarguably the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

While in Puerto Rico, endeavor to try its local cuisine with its unique blend of ingredients, cultures, and recipes. Mofongo is the king of Puerto Rican cuisine. This meal is tasty, and it’s a combination of mashed plantain, seasonings and a virtually unlimited choice of filling; shrimp, vegetarian, steak, pork, seafood, and much more. Whatever your dietary preference, there is a Mofongo to match it. There’s a variety of delicacies, just find what best suits your diet preference.

Navigating through the city can be done in an hour, whether you are on a shoe string budget or you are on for a luxury getaway, there’s a place for you. So what are you waiting for, get on your device and find cheap travel deals or luxury vacation packages to Puerto Rico.