Boston Steakhouse Restaurants to Visit


Although Boston is famous for seafood specialties and cream pie, there is definitely no shortage of great steakhouse restaurants in the city. Whether you are after delicious prime Midwestern steaks or ribeye steaks, the Boston steakhouse scene won’t leave you disappointed. Choose your favorite steakhouse restaurant in Boston from our list of the best steakhouse joints in the city.

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Well-known for its amazing selection of Kobe beef, Mooo…offers 14 different steak options on the menu and all of them are served with tasty roasted garlic and bone marrow. Their selection of appetizers is also great with favorites like beef sirloin carpaccio and steamed PEI mussels. Make sure to try their rib eye steak, NY sirloin, or the delicious filet mignon. This Boston steakhouse restaurant is located near the State House on the edge of Bacon Hill and boasts an elegant interior. Keep in mind that the prices at Mo….are a bit on the expensive side.


2) Abe and Louie’s

Abe and Louie’s is a Back Bay steakhouse restaurant in Boston is all about tradition and making BBQ classic dishes like prime Midwestern steaks aged at least 30 days on the bone and succulent porterhouse. Some of the other signature dishes here at Abe and Louie’s include filet mignon and swordfish steak. If you are in the mood for some raw meat, they have a nice sampling selection of raw meat that is served on a platter for two. As for the interior, it can be best described as dark and elegant with decorations like mahogany, brass, and marble accents.

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3) Boston Chops

Voted as the “Best New Steakhouse” by Food & Wine magazine’s in 2015, Boston Chops is an upscale steakhouse restaurant in Boston run by Chris Coombs and Brian Piccini. Expect to fins surf and turf and nose to tail specialties, as well as the steak frites menu where you get to choose your sauce and your cut of meat. Boston Chops also offers a nice selection of sides like onion rings with spicy aioli, grilled asparagus, bacon roasted Brussels sprouts, and pork belly mac&cheese. If you are looking for an upscale steakhouse joint in South End that serves amazing food, Boston Chops is the place to go!

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4) Grill 23 and Bar

Grill 23 and Bar is an award-winning steakhouse restaurant that’s been feeding hungry customers for three decades now. If you are after some of the most delicious cuts on beef served on the East Coast, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Some of the signature dishes here include Kobe cap steak, 100-day-aged ribeye, and shellfish sampler. Their bar menu is also amazing and offers a variety of burgers, small plates, and a scotch program.

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5) The Palm

Thanks to its central location in the Boston’s Financial District, The Palm steakhouse restaurant in Boston is an ideal place for a post-work bar bite or a quick power lunch. Their main menu consists of an amazing collection of corn-fed prime beef that is aged for not less than 35 days. Most customers say that the stakes here can be best described and flavorful, tender, and juicy. Several seafood specialties can be found on the menu, as well as a nice selection of authentic Italian dishes. They even have a happy hour with a “Palm bites” menu that runs from Sunday to Friday from 5pm to 7 pm.

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