Tahiti & the South Pacific Islands

When you think of Tahiti and the South Pacific, imagine multi-colored coral reefs, delectable seafood, and palm trees blowing in the breeze. The South Pacific, also known as Oceania, comprises several must-see destinations: Australia, New Zealand, Papa Guinea, and neighboring Tahiti and her islands. Each location has a story of its own, and unique culture that continues to impress visitors from around the world.

Australia’s cities and winding coasts are perfect for travelers looking to enjoy one of the country’s iconic road trips, or simply relax in luxury near the ocean. Melbourne is hip and eccentric, with an artsy vibe and plenty of Instagram-worthy eateries and speakeasies. And for sports fanatics, immerse yourself in the Australian ways with a game of cricket, AFL football, and tennis. The Queensland capital of Brisbane is thriving business center dotted with shopping boutiques, galleries, vineyards, and rooftop bars. Not far from the city’s buzz are long stretches of sand and ocean where whales sightings are frequent and surfers rejoice.

Perth is perfect for sailing, fishing, and simply lounging along its picturesque sandy beaches. Visitors flock to St. Georges Terrace, a skyscraper-lined street with a variety of entertainment options. Or King’s Park, a 1,000-acre park perched atop Mt. Eliza with panoramic city views. Lastly, Sydney — home to the iconic Sydney Opera House — has a bit of everything. Check out the marine life and go surfing at Bondi Beach, or revel at nature at the Sydney Harbour National Park.

New Zealand, on the other hand, is widely regarded for its storybook-like scenery. Soaring green mountains, waterfalls, lakes, fjords, and rolling hills. The peaceful atmosphere makes way for those travelers seeking the ultimate escape. The Māori culture is also something New Zealand visitors are happy to immerse themselves in, and one of its primary drawing points.

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