Best Thing To Do In Dallas Texas


A mythical city with glorious past and rich present, the ‘Big D’ is an incredible cosmopolitan with an upscale ethos. From cowboys and rodeos to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Dallas is a city that offers everything American legends are made up of.

Dallas just like every other metropolitan, has a lot to offer to its tourists. In order to Dallas to the fullest, you can choose to hire some professional help from any of the one best travel agencies in Dallas, or you can simply check out the list below.

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Fair Park

Fair Park is dripping with history; it has more than 3 million historical documents.

It is the home of the most extensive collection of 30’s art deco exposition-style architecture in North America.

Hall of State is the most attracting part of the park. It is full of 3-D Objects, and kids love it.


The Sixth Floor Museum

The sixth-floor museum which was previously known as the Texas School Book Depository is a tribute to the 35th president of USA, John F. Kennedy.

Museum has got everything related to the dear departed President including pictures, films, artifacts and other stuff.

From time to time the museum organizes temporary exhibitions too.

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Dallas Panic Room

For the activity lovers, this one is up for grabs. Principally, your family along with another family will be locked in a room and will be given some clues that will help you escape.

Team leads are given walkie-talkies for the assistance if stuck with the clues. They will publish your name on the survival board if you manage to get out first.

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The Library Bar 

If you are looking for someplace sophisticated to drink, your search will end at the Library Bar.

Located on Oak Lawn Avenue at the Warwick Melrose Hotel; this bar offers everything including cocktails, wines, aperitifs and some of the best hand-stuffed duck ravioli.

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Sea Life Grapevine Aquarium

If you are visiting Dallas with family, then this Sea Life Grapevine Aquarium is place you just cannot miss.

The aquarium is home to more than 5000 sea creatures and has 30 displays including interactive touch pools.

The best feature of the aquarium is that it has a 360-degree walk-through tunnel, where you can feel the water without getting wet.

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Medieval Times, dining and tournament

Medieval Times, dining and tournament is another fun Dallas experience for the history lovers.

Here you can dress as a medieval peasant or a knight. The organization also arranges medieval games in their medieval tournament section.

You can pick your favorite knight and can cheer him to the glory. A bonus point is that this place also serves delectable food.

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The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

You will find a lot of nature lovers in this place.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden are famous for the 14 exquisite gardens and its’ flowers, trees and art shows.

The gardens intermittently host outdoor festival and educational programs too.

Bird watching and fishing are some of the activities you can enjoy here.

So these were a few things out of many which you cannot miss when in Dallas Texas.

There are several Dallas travel agencies which hypothetically charging you peanuts will show the city with expert advice.

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