Must-See Places During Your Alaskan Cruise


Many people visit Alaska to experience the picturesque and natural scenery, glaciers, crystal clear lakes, majestic mountains, waterfalls and the national parks. However, if you want to experience something unique and create long-lasting memories, there is nothing like traveling on an Alaskan cruise. 

You will genuinely experience a trip of a lifetime to Alaska, America’s last great frontier. It’s a place where many don’t frequent but when they do…it will open your mind to new memories. 

With all this said, what are the must-see places during your Alaskan cruise? Continue onto the article to learn more!


Seward is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska for many Alaska cruise vacations. There are plenty of things to do in Seward, making it a perfect stop on your epic Alaskan cruise trip itinerary. Not only will you enjoy the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, but you will relish age-old glaciers and majestic mountain scenery. With only about 3,000 people living in this quaint town, you go for the local experience and the views. 

Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords is one of the most appealing places in Alaska you can see during your Alaskan Cruise, boasting beautiful mountains, abundant wildlife and tidewater glaciers. Kenai Fjords is a perfect place to explore coastal rainforests and remote islands. Also, the wildlife is straight out of a National Geographic magazine filled with humpback whales, orca whales, harbor seals, eagles, seabirds, puffins, sea lions, etc., something you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Hubbard Glacier

The Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America that spans about 75 miles long and 7 miles wide. The Hubbard glaciers flow directly into Disenchantment Bay, making it an impressive stop because you will have plenty to see. 

Viewing the gigantic blue and white glacier with massive ice sheets from the cruise will make your trip iconic and memorable. Icebergs and waves from glaciers create an adventurous scene. You cannot go wrong visiting the Hubbard Glacier! 


Over one million people visit the beautiful town of Skagway every year. Skagway boasts numerous attractions, shops, restaurants and winter resorts, enabling tourists to spend a perfect all-season vacation. 

However, it is also a must-see place during your Alaskan cruise because the scenery is spectacular and the hospitality of friendly people makes Skagway second to none. 


Juneau (Alaska’s capital) is another excellent place to see during your Alaskan cruise. It is famous for its picturesque scenery and incredible land wildlife and marine life. Juneau, Alaska, warmly welcomes over 900,000 cruise passengers and more than 100,000 independent tourists. 

Although there are plenty of things to do in Juneau, the astonishing natural beauty, whale watching, marine activity, majestic mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and glaciers will give you a unique experience, making Juneau a hotspot on many vacation lists. 


If you want to sightsee Alaska’s wilderness, Ketchikan is a must go. It offers a lot to be desired, including Alaska Native culture, peaceful scenery and feisty salmon. Watching the wildlife, including whales and seals in the ocean, bald eagles in the air and bears in the surrounding forests will be an unbelievable experience!

Thanks to the world-class amenities, versatile tours available, location and natural beauty that surrounds the island, the port of Ketchikan is the most popular port on a cruise to Alaska. Because cruise ships dock downtown, you can spend a full day at Ketchikan, enjoy the architecture, eat delicious food at restaurants and shop at locally-owned places.

Are You Ready For Your Alaskan Cruise?

Cruising to Alaska is worth your time and money. Not only does most cruise ships offer spectacular dining, entertainment and rooms but the actual cruise views as you tread water will leave you in constant awe. Once you’re docked, there is nothing like seeing and experiencing the top Alaska destinations above. 

Are you ready to plan your Alaskan cruise? Call Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, to speak to one of our Alaskan travel agents!

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